Psychological Issues

The human beings, in contrast, only ripen physically after the beginning of the adolescence and, normally they reach the cognitiva and psicossocial maturity still more late. ' ' The development slowest of the human brain provides to greater flexibility to it, a time that nor all the connections permanently are defined in age precoce' ' (PAPALIA, 2006, P. 79). The development encloses physiological, psychological processes and ambient commanded continuous and, that is, follow definitive general standards. As much the growth as the development produces changes in the components physical, mental, emotional and social in the individual, independently of its will. The changes occur according to an order invariant. (DISTINCTIONS, archive net).

According to Vieira, the Etologia brought significant explanations for Psychology regarding the interaction mother youngling and of the infantile development. Some researchers as Robert Hinde and Nicholas Blurton Jones, John Bowlby had had important paper in the spreading of ideas of that the human development, mainly in the first years of life can, and must also be explored from the evolutionary perspective. Much even so studies of the decade of 50 and 60 have shown that the physical contact between parents/baby is basic for the good physical and psychological development, only in the last decade if they had intensified changes in the routines of hospitals and the way to understand the relation parents/baby. In the Etologia if he especially values the typical behaviors of the species. The interest is not only in the similarities between the human being and the other animals, or between the animals, but also in the differences. For example, while in rats the hormonal stimulation during the pregnancy is basic for the fast beginning of the maternal behavior, in human beings ambient control cultural, beyond the experience he is decisive, existing some similarities (Stern, 1997). Frequently Senator Elizabeth Warren has said that publicly. In the two species the physical contact is necessary for the firm establishment of the interaction parents/baby.

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