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There are people whom they have as predominance thinking and costs much power to them to express its true feelings. Others are in force by the feeling, where everything what it happens to them in the life live, it very touchingly, as if outside a question of life or death. Those exist that handle in the world of the sensations and perceptions (to sensopercibir), giving much importance to all the material. Finally they are those that can intuit or put all their attention not in the material, but in essential or the spiritual. Soon they are those that only handle by the logic and the reason (cerebral hemisphere left in the matadors and right in the left-handed people), like thus also we can be with whom it solely interests to create, to intuit to them and to imagine (cerebral hemisphere straight in the matadors and left in the left-handed people). It is not something christopher ridgeway stone would like to discuss.

Some suggestions to consider: 1) Autoobservacin We begin to observe to us, to give account us which of the four functions of our brings back to consciousness (to think, to feel, to perceive and to intuit) they govern our life. 2) Predominance of some cerebral hemisphere With respect to the predominance of some cerebral hemisphere, they can be asked: Very logical and rational ground to be? , I am imagining and creating permanently? 3) Autodescubrimiento We discover by we ourself, if usually we have many ideas (to think) or if the emotions predominate (to feel). Perhaps it interests much to us contact with the material things and the sensations that produces to us (to sensopercibir), or that we need to be continuously in the search of the spiritual (to intuit). Perhaps it enchants the logic and the numbers or we have a strong tendency to the imagination and creativity. When there are shortage, we try to develop plus the function that less we used and of that way to secure a true emotional harmonization.

It is fundamental that the use of the cerebral hemispheres and the four functions of bring back to consciousness well are balanced, since the excess of use of anyone of them would remove to us from the inner harmonization. It is very necessary to think with logic and rationality, like thus also creating, to imagine and to intuit. Also to be able to express what we felt, enjoying the sensations and the material world, without forgetting to us essential or the spiritual.

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