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In accordance with Russian legislation, the right to create new units outside the place of its location has any legal entity established in accordance with the laws of the James A. Levine, M.D.. Between them there is a difference, and very significant. The fact that the subsidiary shall have much more rights and opportunities than the mission. So, by definition, representation is a separate division of a legal entity, located outside its location, represents the interests of firms and protects. Branch of the same may be delegated all the functions of a legal entity, and part of them, including the function of representation. In this case, you need to know: despite the fact that isolated unit acting on behalf of legal entity created them themselves legal entities, they are not. The responsibility for the activities of a branch or representative is a legal entity created them.

It appoints the heads of branches and representative offices. Click patrick matthews to learn more. Another important point. Separated subdivisions vested property created their parent company and must be shown in its founding documents. Information about changes in the constituent documents of information about its branches and offices represented in the body carrying out state registration of legal entities. For example, some non-resident company intends to register its branch in Saint-Petersburg and North-West Federal District. Therefore, you should first of all, to the constituent documents of the company changes and indicate that it has a branch in St.

Petersburg and North-West Federal district on a specific address. Only after that it becomes possible to register the branch. The term "register" in this case means the statement of the legal entity for tax registration at the location separate division. In addition, a new branch or a representative must be registered with the Pension Fund, Social Insurance and Health Insurance Fund. May be required and a new account in the bank, and a new seal. Today, a service for creating legal entities branches provide professional legal centers, taking directly from the company most of the trouble to prepare the entire package of documents and communication with recording structures. Many offer registration of a branch under the "key" that is, care of the preparation of all statutory instruments and regulations on the activities of branch (representative) to the manufacture of printing and assignment of codes ssc registration in all extra-budgetary funds and opening a bank account. Since the registration of branch life is just beginning. If it is small, and create accounting department has no special sense, multi-yurtsentr can take accounting services outsourcing. And if the parent company needed to purchase the branch building, it helps to create a separate division lawyers are take over and is not a simple matter as recording real estate transactions. Of course, you can do it themselves, but too much trouble. Especially, in a strange city.

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