The familiar group represents an organized structure and when appearing the illness, notices that the family if disorganizes. The reactions most common of the family to the disease and internment of a child, according to same author, are: fear, unreliability, confusion, apathy, desperation, conjugal abandonment of domicile, separations, anguish, impatience, little tolerance to the suffering of the child, among others. For Oliveira and Sommermam (2008), the biggest difficulty seen for the family when if it sees attack for the disease and the internment of a being very esteem, is in addition the daily one, trying abandonment and separation. Chiattone (2003) assures that after the sprouting of illness and the disequilibrium of the group, the family searchs its reorganization previous, reorganizing its emotional and affectionate weights. Of this form, two types of family can be had: the superprotector and the hostile one. The first one says of the total free feelings and come back toward the child, which, generally discloses an enormous feeling of guilt.

second, comumente demonstrates the previous aggressiveness to the sprouting of the disease, making with that this familiar group if does not redeem and desires the death of the patient. According to Chiattone (2003), whenever a child is the hospitalized patient, the family answers with much difficulty. It affirms with that, all the course of the illness and the decurrent feelings of the same one the precedents can be on as the desired birth or very not desired, problems that the parents crossed at the time, among others. For these reasons, the form to react they always will be with guilt and desperation, feeling that they had asked for very of the child. After the experience of hospitalization, being about acute illnesses, second Rodrigues (2004), the family always looks its reacomodao as group. If the ill child if suddenly, despite she is for a short period of time, the familiar group will try to create new forms to support the happened necessities of this process. Perhaps check out christopher ridgeway for more information.

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