Safaris In Africa

What associations we have is the word safari? This, of course, Africa, the Europeans, armed with guns and running around the savannah in search of prey. But the current safari, which you will be pleased to offer in Uganda, very fun a different kind. Arm you will need only a camera, and of patience, too, would be nice to. The fact that you need stamina to travel on dirt roads, hoping to see the beauty of this African country, but Nature will reward you in full for the lack of comfort. Neither the incomparable views of Lake Victoria and Nile Falls, the breaking of the jungle from a height of 150 meters and divided millions spray. Unique fauna lazy Nile crocodiles, along the beach with open mouths, herds of buffalo and antelope peacefully grazing timid in Savannah, freely walking the elephants and hippos impressive.

And all of a beast quietly go about their affairs, did not notice you, happily snapping a camera on the right and left. Then you go to Fort Portal in the shadow of unsurpassed lunar mountains. Here in the tropical forest inhabited by itar youngest people on the planet – the pygmies. Growth of the highest of them does not exceed 150 cm Their villages consist of small houses, built with twigs, vines and palm fronds, by the way, construct dwelling women while the men hunted. Cruel, primitive world, cruel, primitive people, because to kill an elephant to immobilize him first, breaking through the tendon with arrows, and then cut off the trunk and wait until the Giant bleed to death. Nervous tourists to watch this is not recommended. But the big hunt – a rarity, most pygmies eat small animals and fish. Well, at the end of your trip you have taken to the Bwindi National Park, the habitat of mountain gorillas. Excursion to the gorillas will cost you $ 400 in a group of no more than 8 persons and under the supervision of guards with machine guns, but this protection from poachers, because these apes in the world total of 600 individuals. Own two-meter giants weighing 250 kg, it is friendly. Just do not try to intimidate them flash and do not look into the eyes of the males, but otherwise, you can fully enjoy the fellowship with the ancient ancestors of humans.

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