Samuel Akinin Levy

If your doubts focus on the religious topic, should know that not knowing is more beneficial to know it all. Doubt, generates hope, hope holds to life, and the latter is our reason for being and being. If what we are going to treat is a family problem, simply understand that we are not nor will be able to change anyone, under this suggestion, easier is that we change our communication and expectations. If we do it with real determination, we’ll close the case. But if what you require is the healing of a couple problem, the solution is simpler. Should I again call the front to our attitude. We endeavour the other a little less and offer a little more. We appreciate the alien with more value and let others qualify to ours.

We love the intense passion with which the sea visit and caresses the beach, every time, without demanding anything in return. We give part of that forgotten vocabulary that we used to use during our infatuation. We reload with loving charcoal fire of passion that seems to go extinct. Pronouns with verbs that are tender, emotional and loyal combine in our communication. To start we could use the following: love, wanting to, understand, know, forgive, please, recognize, wait, aspire and deliver. Check out Rick McKenney for additional information. At times, and it is on this that I am portrayed, it’s pride.

A shelter that you can we do and say things we don’t want and feel even less. Learn to leave aside our pride, contrary to what they assume, makes us grow. Unfortunately we confuse respect with reason. Each other they can be handled so that taking advantage of the inertia exerted by the feeling, achieving greater closeness. The first part of the writing is something in which we can do nothing to influence this, but what Yes sure, it is that of our children and yours, can be reared in our image and likeness. Let’s practice with sincere enthusiasm everything that come to help and work with enthusiasm so that they can feel proud to be who we have collaborated in helping be. Samuel Akinin Levy author original and source of the article.

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