Selfemployment Throughout America

In AMERICA and Spain, the economic crisis struck many families on the issue of unemployment and livelihood family however, small business CEATECI has managed to more than 1,200 entrepreneurs industrial SMEs or SMEs in all Latin America achieve maintain their families because they understood that only with effort and controlling a business VARIABLES (production and sales) can survive and grow. That is why CEATECI not this NI will never agree with MLM. Many of the so-called GURUS of the modern economy encourage persons to make MULTILEVEL business enrrolando people who obviously SPENDS his money on products often very expensive to the economy of crisis world, bringing DISAPPOINTMENT, because the greater part of MULTILEVEL are SCAMS or PYRAMIDS where only the first win and simply LOS ULTIMOS or lose or win MISERIES therefore CEATECI that since 1999 has been tested with the testimony of its customers that only CONTROLLING the variables of a business can survive as a business and progress. The lack of many times moral conditions and Many GURUS of economy of the MULTILEVEL ethics make are grouped under free lectures for ENRROLAR to more and more people eager to earn money easy (and the worst is that manage to MUHC be ENRROLEN and ultimately suffer the consequences of this) because many people do not know what they want and have him panic to the effort and the risk especially when they risk their own money why Los CEATECI themed technical productive both EBOOKS SERVICES and production, helping many families achieve dignity of producing self-employment as SMEs or industry MYPE is the only hope… REAL…

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