Split Of The Human Being

The great conflict lived for the human being, in the current days, if of the one in function of it not to know itself in its totality. The man lives of broken up form, not having support in its arguments come from the unconscious one. Exactly that many deny the existence of the unconscious one, it acts and interacts, all the moment, in our lives. The split of the human being is related to the fact of the difficulty that it has to enter in contact with the contents of its unconscious one, giving heard only to the contents of the conscience. At the moment that it to obtain to join the information contained in the unconscious one with conscientious, exactly that this occurs by means of symbols, it will obtain to perceive itself as an entire being. The conflicts with the opposing feelings that load inside of itself, will be brightened up, therefore it will understand that all have its good and bad side, glad and sad, between as much others, therefore to be part of the life of the human being. From now on, it will be able to assume that some things in its way exist to function dislikes that it, acquiring knowledge itself of that they are passveis of change. Not obstante, those that really attack in them, for not being in accordance with our principles, will have to continue restrained in the unconscious one.

We need to be open to listen what it has in saying the voice to them of the repression, the fear, of the shame, of the critical one. But that voice is this? It is the voice of the parents or the cuidadores, that is internalizada in the unconscious one and that it all passes the time in saying what we can or not make, what is certain what is missed, what is good or bad. Christopher ridgeway stone clinical often addresses the matter in his writings. Exactly in the adult phase, still we are imprisoned to this voice, in not giving the account that it was very important in our lives, in one determined period. That perhaps today it if does not make more necessary, therefore everything what they had transmitted in them was based in its truths, the referenciais of values of its time and in the vision of world that had. Many feel culprits if not to listen. They do not obtain to discern what they must keep and what needs to be discarded, so that they obtain to be perceived and if to feel as an integrated being. Therefore, importance to know that it is possible to construct our experiences, by means of our look and of our referenciais of world, that had been being created in elapsing of our development. To understand that we are facetados beings and that many times, we will confrot in them with that image that we do not like us, but that we have that to coexist. Perhaps thus, the human being obtains to see itself as an entire being and to live better, respecting itself and to the others.

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