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New HUGRO Special Foods

Full feed with silkworms covers also the animal protein needs from many popular fodder for Chipmunks composed of a mixture of nuts and cereal. But anyone who goes the dietary habits of the cute rodent exactly on the bottom, discovered that they have a demand for animal proteins as Gemischtkostler. To develop a feed that is exactly tailored to the needs of different rodents, HUGRO chef Gunter Leugers commissioned a nutritionists specializing in rodents with a precise analysis of the nutritional and digestive habits and the development of different feed mixes for various rodents. For the day – and motion-active Chipmunk a high-energy forage was assembled, their omnivorous “takes account of shoddy. ding. Therefore, a high percentage of dried fruit and grain, fine seeds and high-quality silkworm dolls are in the rodent dream Strip squirrel food PREMIUM.

The latter demand for animal proteins and unsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The high-quality components contain all necessary vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements and ensure an optimum digestion, a regular tooth abrasion and good condition of the droll rodents. The Strip squirrel food at a price of 3,99 Euro is available in specialist shops. RODENT dream is a registered trademark of HUGRO GmbH. A feed collection designed under this roof for rodents.

All ingredients are left, and the composition of each feed is each specifically tailored to the needs of various rodents. Dwarf rabbit, whose long, thin-walled DARM is no peristalsis, must eat constantly and receive therefore a vegetable food that is rich in fibres. Golden hamster, a gastrointestinal geared to low-fat diet and also have a need for animal protein, love a lining made of fine grains and seeds, that contains but also Bach amphipods, water fleas and meal worms as a specialty. Various snacks such as rodent chips or corn balls provide plenty of variety in the diet. More information under:. Additional information for the press: for dealers, there is an optimized rodents dream product composition for a on 5 levels, 1.25 meters wide TEGO shelving.

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