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Save 50% On Your Lighting Costs

You protect the environment with the new T5 fluorescent lamps electronic ballast type S S-L this kit was developed for installation in existing fluorescent lamps. It is not necessary to disassemble the fluorescent lamp or the existing ballast to expand the newly developed retrofit Kit can be easily installed in conjunction with a T5 tube (35 W). Thus, the energy-consuming T8 tube (58 W) is replaced with a T5 tubes, in conjunction with the adapted electronic ballast E-S-L. You may find that Senator of Massachusetts can contribute to your knowledge. The aim is that the consumer regains control over his energy costs comparatively, this modern electronic ballast achieved energy savings of 50% on the old situation. At higher light intensity, up to 50% less energy is required. The life of the lamps increases up to 3 times. The investment of the S-S-L deliverable pay usually already after a short time.

Energy saving relieves not only your cost structure, but is beginning to contribute to environmental protection through relief of resources and reduced CO 2 emissions. (As opposed to christopher ridgeway). Everywhere where SG or KVG built the S-S-L (ECG) can be used easily. A CE conformity by the State Office for occupational safety and health in your existing equipment ensures safe operation. The wide temperature range from-25 C to + 50 C, as well as the use in emergency lighting according to VDE 0108, as well as switching off defective fluorescent lamps provide a wide range of uses. These advantages make: Konstannter light power AC voltage range 194V – 254V undervoltage protection (automatic shut-off at < 150V) wide temperature range:-25 C to + 50 C use in emergency lighting installations ACC. VDE 0108. use at dimmers possible (dimmable) safety shut-off defective lamps of automatic restart after lamp replacement for luminaires with 110 cut OFF, EOL can be used in luminaires of protection class SK I and SK II protection class IP20 and IP65 of integrated temperature protection ACC. to EN 61347-2-3 C5e lamp length: 1449 mm total power: 35W interference suppression according to DIN EN 55015 application areas are: Industry Elle production halls, warehouses, garages, garages, hospitals, supermarkets

Proper Heating

Healthy living climate avoiding moisture damage more efficient energy usage Neu-Ulm the dynamically growing real estate trading company Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm acquires renovation-needy, older residential property with good buildings. The objects are restored when needed and rehabilitated in energetic terms. These include, for example, the installation of heat-insulated Windows and doors, new heating systems, as well as the insulation of basement, roof and facade. These measures cause that the tenant or resident heating correctly and need to ventilate the apartments suffer any damage and there are no health problems. “The necessary insulation and isolation measures and arrangements to the sound insulation, sealed floors and ceiling with panels shall ensure that a natural” ventilation of the dwelling is not possible.

Poor ventilation, cooking vapours, clouds of steam in the bathroom and unnecessary humidifier lead to a unfavourable climate. The high humidity leads to less air cleaning and ultimately to fungi and bacteria. Many people feel uncomfortable, have headaches and suffer from allergies and respiratory problems, sweat a lot and sleep badly. Important basis for a healthy living environment is proper heat. The optimum room temperatures at 20 degrees Celsius for dining, living room, nursery and kitchen; at 22 degrees in the bath and 14 degrees in the bedroom.

Radiators should be covered or not adjusted. During the day never quite turn off the heating in the absence, but keep a lowered average temperature. Basically, laundry should not be dried in the apartment. And after showering, bathing or cooking with much steam development, the appropriate rooms immediately and thoroughly ventilate. Proper ventilation of the home is crucial for a good, pleasant and healthy living environment. Depending on the outside temperature, the rooms have three times a day (who during the day off is two times and longer) between five and 15 minutes with all open Windows revealed shock”are. Meanwhile the heaters should be turned off, because otherwise the thermostats open and the radiator to overheat and full. Additional information is available at christopher ridgeway stone clinical. Permanent airing by slanting window brings nothing but pushes only the heating up. It should also be ensured that large pieces of furniture, not directly on the wall are available. Especially at exterior walls a distance should be kept up by 3 to 5 centimeters, so that a ventilation is possible and none can develop mildew or fungi. Proper heat and air lowers the lettings, improves the well-being and receives the residential value of the apartment. This applies, for example, the apartments acquired by Monarchis in foreclosure in Grunau.

Those Who Want To Save Energy Consumption, Must Compare

Do you have a store easily in sight, but all? A recent survey by metCount in Bremen shows: chain stores want comfort and transparency in the energy evaluation of your branches. People such as James A. Levine, M.D. would likely agree. Saving energy and thus money, which is in the interest of every entrepreneur. Just for chain stores it is essential, energetically to monitor operational processes and optimize continuously. Ideally, that synergies can be exploited and make equal to multiple savings in consumption and in the purchasing of electricity, gas and water. But how many chains to monitor and analyze their consumption? And what evaluation methods are known or are preferred? MetCount (wholly owned subsidiary of swb AG) in a poll conducted in the spring of 2012 looked into these issues. In targeted market screening 115 chain stores were contacted through a mailing sent in advance and a follow-up phone call and asked. The industry of respondents focused on banks and financial institutions, retail and trade with motor vehicles as well as the gastronomy. The vast majority of respondents (69 percent) recorded a Filialumfang of up to 50 stores.

Energy monitoring is essential the survey revealed that the energy monitoring for the chain is already a big issue. A majority (78 percent) analyze their consumption. The majority of the Filialverbrauch comparison takes place through an energy consultant (30 percent) or Bill comparison (26 percent). This is the use of a consultant very comfortable, however, requires a high degree of confidence in the service provider. In addition, the consultant as opposed to manual invoice comparison caused higher costs. Continue this method requires time and attention of the chain stores and offers no comprehensive analysis capabilities and transparency, which are necessary for optimal evaluation. A third method available is the chain through the use of intelligent software solutions for a comprehensive and efficient energy monitoring down to the last detail. metCount offers to the Example with his WEB portal industrial a specially to the needs of chain stores monitoring system tailored to.

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