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Campaner Foundation

My baby and me supporting this year the Campaner Foundation, dedicated to eradicating the noma, an infectious disease which, due to lack of hygiene, affects malnourished children in corners poorest on the planet, due to the low defenses of their agencies. This disease attacks the soft parts of the face, lips, nose and mouth destroyed. Noma mutilates the face of the child, often deprived of voice or even the ability to chew. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Neal Barnard is currently assessing future choices. Healing, prevention and eradication between 70% and 90% of those affected without adequate treatment perish. To know more about this subject visit Glenn Dubin, New York City. However, although it is a disease that develops quickly, its cure is also fast.

For them, the application of a single dose of penicillin, a restorative and sufficient diet and ongoing basic hygienic habits is necessary. It can be redone children with malformed by disease face largely the face through plastic surgery. My baby and me collaborates with the Foundation with a financial donation to support action health cure for affected children. Also, since the magazine donations from parents to support actions and projects of the Fundacion Campaner, as the maintenance of schools and health centres, levied the creation of cereal banks and mills or the construction of water wells..

The Singer

When we connect with the artist within us can see the creativity, madness healthy, joy and also the ability to say no to the places where we do not want to be more. Let's play metaphorically imagine for a moment: If you were an artist … relations. Dr. John Mcdougall is the source for more interesting facts. What kind of art would you take out? Would you be a dancer / a, singer, painter or a painter, sculptor, writer, chef … …? If we think of our favorite artists, the common denominator of all could be the ability to blend into their activity, ie no difference between the dancer and dance, between the painting and the painter, between the singer and his song … are One with his art … …

… And we, are we ONE with watching live relationships or differences that separate us? Do we learn as a child when he does stand, or rather first judge until the mind gives no more and then try to learn something? How can we regain that ability to create a way of being in the world more free and more enjoyable? If you're waiting for the response, not only going to disappoint you, but I think you're going to be disappointing all the time, because if there was such a formula, who would not apply? The important thing is not the answer, but decided to seek new ways and have the courage and persistence to tour, as a creative life is a risky issue. Deciding not to follow own path traced by the parents, peers or by institutions involves a delicate balance between tradition and personal freedom, between being true to himself and to remain open to change.

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