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Not long ago, Nokia announced the appearance of three new phones Nokia E65, Nokia E90 and Nokia E61i. All three belong to the line of business class. One of them, namely smartphone Nokia E65, has already appeared on sale. New items are designed to support networks of third generation (3G) and the four main ranges of the standard GSM (GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 and WCDMA / UMTS). All three smartphones are equipped with wireless Bluetooth, Irda and Wi-Fi. Nokia E65 smartphone is made in the slider, which he has an unusually small for the size of Nokia phones – 105h49h15.5 mm.

The design of the phone much deviation from the traditional corporate style, the model turned out more enjoyable and stylish. The rear panel of the phone is made of embossed plastic making it both visually and by feel very similar to the skin. The body is made of dark brown and rich red color. Ease of use phone has added occurrence of four dedicated keys around the navigation. They allow Action call over at least a phone book to combine the active calls in the conference and how it can be done during a call and in standby mode.

For common applications you can use the My Own, her You can customize your choice to call any function or application. Nokia E90 Communicator is a bit like its predecessor, the Nokia 9300, but unlike the latter, it is based on the platform S60. The representative of the corporate E-series is made in form-factor "clamshell" and folds flat. In essence, the device consists of two phones in one: two screens, two keyboards and also features enough for two. Besides all this, Communicator features a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, GPS-module, a FM-radio, as well as secondary camera for video calls. Stunning features a stylish design complemented by E90, appreciated by those for whom important to work with applications, mobile Internet and high-quality communications. Nokia E61i is designed specifically for those who are actively working with mail messages and electronic documents. Nokia E61i smartphone respectively made in the same form factor, that its predecessor Nokia E61: a wide body with a horizontal screen and the QWERTY-keyboard, but it differs from its predecessor the presence of a 2-megapixel camera. The emergence of the smart phone market Nokia E61i and Nokia E90 are expected in the second quarter of 2007.

New Adventures

Description of the books: Collected Stories, "Call of Pripyat" – pre-release version of the official publication "The Call of Pripyat," which will include stories of the winning third literary contest on the game STALKER. In the printed version text is edited, the cover also will be different, but the stories remain the same. Here is a collection that included works of Russian authors from different countries who were victorious in the third anniversary, network literary contest. The contest, whose theme – the world of STALKER The new return to the mysterious Area! The New Adventures of stalkers, again and again go there for the priceless artifacts! Each of the stalkers going to the Zone, knows that this trip may be his last. But they believe: the brave and experienced man not afraid of the many dangers of the Zone – anomalies, mutants and monsters. One of them cheat on faith this time? And who maintain success? Sergey Paliy – BOOMERANG – Zone again threw its residents a curious puzzle. In different parts of it appear unique artifacts – 'Boomerangs', with which you can not just treat a wound or a bullet to disperse, but to influence the order of events taking place around.

For curiosities begins the hunt. Free stalker Minor – survivor of the Zone. He, like anyone else, knows that the higher the value of Khabar, the harder it get and stay alive. And he understands that the chance to get such a treasure falls only once. Together with a proven team of Minor goes on a dangerous journey to unravel the mystery of the 'boomerang'. But the deadly traps and predatory mutants – does not the main threat to the experienced stalker … Dr. John Mcdougall insists that this is the case. Alex Gravitsky – IN THE FOG – Gloomy – lucky stalker with the experience, but others are not taking it seriously.

He will not go on the rampage, sells artifacts mediocre mediocre price does not come into conflict, loan or borrows. The only friend surly – a cheerful and buoyant a stalker, and madcap jester Moonlight. And this odd couple agrees to order a strange boy, offering any money to those who agree to hold it in the heart of the Zone – to Monoliths … surly not believe that there is a monolith. Moonlight in general do not care where in the zone to risk his skin. But money is money, and order there is an order – and they go to Hoveyan terrible and unbelievable legends of the fourth power … Sergei Volnov – Hunting WISHES – Area in the future, tens of years later … What was creating with her time? What changes are made in the world people, its very existence? For answers to these questions in an abnormal reality leaves a journalist. The purpose of his unprecedented reportage from the event – to get and to tell the truth about humanity Zone. But this priceless loot – correct answers – already found the stalker who managed to survive the deadly jungle maze and not a year or two, not five, but for much longer …

Cellular Phones

Topic – this is an application for mobile phones that are installed as a background image display and modify graphical user interface and menu style to your vehicle. Themes give a new look around the graphic interface of icons and buttons until the battery indicator and an indicator of the network. To create a theme for your phone, you need a computer and special software. Most of these programs are free and available on the websites phone manufacturers. Sometimes you need to register the program, for example, for Nokia, but the procedure is completely free and does not take much time. To create a theme for all phones Sony Ericsson, you'll need Program Theme Creator Pro 3G version 3.1.260, SE Themes Creator, version from 1.80 to 3.32. SE Themes Creator is a handy program you choose your phone model, load the necessary images, ringtones, choose the most suitable color for the menu or the external screen and save the theme.

To create a theme for Nokia, you will need the Theme Studio 3.0 for S60, Carbide 3.4 (there are versions 3.1, 3.2, 3.3), Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 1.2, S40 Theme Studio 2.2. Theme Studio 3.0 for S60 is designed to create themes for the phone platform S60 2nd Ed (Nokia 6630, Nokia 6600 and others). Carbide 3.4 The program is designed to create in order to telephones on the platform S60 3rd Ed (Nokia N93, Nokia 3250 and others). The interface software is not so simple (when compared with the creation of themes for phones Sony Ericsson) and need to have some skills to work in graphic editors. But if you want to learn and much there is time, then all of the forces to sort out these programs. But the principle of establishing order in Carbide, such as for mobile phones Sony Ericsson: loads the pictures, ringtones, choose the most suitable color for the menu or the external screen and save theme. Programs for Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 1.2 and S40 Theme Studio 2.2 are designed to create themes for Nokia, running on the platform S40. Software version 1.2 is suitable for creation of themes for mobile phones series S40 2nd Ed (Nokia 2626, Nokia 6230i, etc.).

Software version 2.2 is suitable for to create a series phones S40 3rd Ed (Nokia 6300, Nokia 6125i etc). Interface in these programs easier to understand than the programs in order to create a platform for S60. Therefore, you need only a picture of a certain size and select the desired color and all, the theme is ready. Then send a theme file via Bluetooth, infrared port on the phone or write the theme to phone's memory card. Once the topic turned to the phone memory for S60 will need to set the theme as usual program, and for the S40 platform even simpler, just select a topic category in the theme you want and activate it. And if you, these programs are too complicated, that is, where exactly can easily create their ideal theme for mobile.

Teens Prefer Internet To TV

He is grabbing all the moments of our lives and are increasingly the tools to communicate, have fun, work or simply get carried away for a few hours of leisure, watching movies or listening to music. One of the media that threatened his tenure with the imprint of the internet is the TV, who until now had ruled our lives. According to a survey conducted for the report of the Interactive Generation Forum in Spain, 68% of adolescents between 10 and 18 prefer the Internet to television and 88% said Internet user. Definitely it's not surprising that they attract more children using the internet because on the one hand, are more accustomed to its use and especially to social networks. According to the same survey, 40% created blog, photoblog or website. It is important to note that the preference towards the internet could be explained by the interaction is between the author and site visitor on the other hand, the TV lacks this possibility, putting the user in purely passive position.

However, having everything on the Internet through a computer and have access to virtually everything we do (study, work, play, music, movies, etc..), Is fostering a generation that increasingly sedentary more concerned with the specialists. Obesity rates are increasingly high and there is no way that children and adolescents enjoy the sport who prefer to be in front of the computer. In conclusion, this preference of the Internet can be very encouraging for the online marketing, but can also be detrimental to the health of these people. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy balance for both parties to benefit from these tools that have come to stay in a world where communications are no longer barriers.

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