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Play Pacman: The Doctrine Of The Pacman

Pacman is really just a game, and after thirty years somehow more everyone knows him, even though he has already over 30 years under his belt. Although Pacman of no longer a big hit among today’s games, but to imagine from the gaming landscape is not is Pacman. On the contrary, forever the game will take probably a place of honor in the history of video games. It was not the first game, but one of the most impressive. Here, proved that a game with simple principle can become true size.

While Pacman has even something very philosophical about it, unless you want to interpret a little. The whole game can be seen as a metaphor for life. This is of course the Pacman play doesn’t matter, but after thirty years, sometimes other thoughts are interesting. Pacman is running in a maze, he has the choice and yet the paths are all prescribed. Justin Gaethje oftentimes addresses this issue. Walls blocking the way, he needs to find new ways.

He then but time did a task that opens up new ways, the perspective is different, changing the world dealing with the development of the ego. And there are obstacles that interfere with the natural way. You must dodge them and yet they keep coming back. While running after the obstacles determine algorithms in the Pacman play. The monster run according to a certain pattern, at least in the first version and run after the system. Pacman even has the choice, the others are trapped in the system. And at this point you could spin continues the thread could state theories, politics and society bring. But that would probably then too much Pacman. One thing is certain: even after 30 years, is the yellow-eating character on the full amount. (C) Fadi Tsilimekis, November 2010

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