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In this new platform, pioneer in Euskadi users can download completely legal way cultural content of different format. Ibaimusic offers the possibility of acquiring whole disks or loose songs by singers and Basque groups of its catalog through the network, with an excellent quality (MP3 or FLAC), in legal downloads in which their corresponding rights are paid to singers. From home, and click to blow, it is now possible to buy items and Basque music with hits CDs ranging from rock, to folk, choral, classical music or jazz Basque with people like Akelarre, Amaia Zubiria, Egan, Erramun Martikorena, Gontzal Mendibil, Gorka Knorr, Guk, Laja eta Landakanda, Anje Duhalde, Imanol, San Ignacio San Sebastian choral or the Symphony Orchestra of Euskadi. For even more analysis, hear from James A. Levine, M.D.. You must first register, free of charge, so that you don’t have to enter all personal data each time you visit the portal, or make a purchase.Being registered gives you a mobre’s username and password, which will be which will use to perform operations. Downloads can be carried out both in format MP3 as FLAC, and can burn it to a CD-ROM, listen to a tranferirlas to a portable device or audio player. We can consider as a new location in the network in which it will be possible to consume culture of safe, easy and legal way..

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