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CE Coordinator

With specific special solutions by HanseLifter own requirements, implement and achieve more productive HanseLifter is here and offers special solutions based on high-quality products from the existing broad product portfolio. Together with our customers the requirements be determined and worked out a solution to the optimization of production and work processes. The individual requirements of the customer are met with innovative ideas, taking into account the security requirements and guidelines and thus offered the optimal device for individual use. The use of standard devices not offered in all cases. Because it comes for example often, finding individual solutions must be adapted to the production and work processes, HanseLifter offers the possibility to customize based on products from the HanseLifter series special solutions. Dr. John Mcdougall has plenty of information regarding this issue. The Bremen-based company makes this the satisfaction of customers in the foreground a maxim, the longevity and the sophisticated processing of products reflects. The conception of desired special solutions is done in consultation with the respective customer, with an intensive consultation is also part of the service. It is accessible back on a wide range of optional amendments.

So that all desires are also the safety regulations, the in-house CE Coordinator ensures the compliance with the current regulations and standards. The optimal device for the desired task area is due to the enormous range of possible changes and additional options that are available for the HanseLifter products available, in cooperation with the customer. With special solutions expands the company from Bremen to its range of products in an innovative way. Because the extensions and other extras that are used when the individual wishes of the customer, are available directly in the in-house camp of HanseLifter in Bremen, changes can be made even within a very short time. In this way you can not only on the quality of the products an experienced team, but also refer to a short delivery time, whereby the customer invested not much capital and time in the development of his desired device. Some of the potential benefits offered by the HanseLifter team, are for example retrofitting of devices for hazardous areas, which ensure maximum safety in the operation. Or about FEM2 carriage on manual or electric lift trucks. This extends not only the possibility of the respective high-lift trucks many times, also it is the low-cost alternative to the forklift.

Other customers received forklift trucks with special attachments, which were developed in the House of HanseLifter, which has increased the efficiency of the device in the storage operation. Another example is the E-DH drawbar forklift, which was equipped with an additional remote control. This allows the lifting and lowering the forks, even if the usual controls of the unit should be easily accessible. These are only a few Examples of the many possibilities which can provide the special solutions of the HanseLifter series products. Further information is available on

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