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Biomass Gasification

The thermochemical biomass gasification of small and medium power for the coupled energy deployment the thermochemical biomass gasification of small and medium power for the coupled energy supply is one of the hopefuls in the energy mix of decentralized energy supply from renewable energy sources. Until the technology achieved the final breakthrough of to economic and environmental maturity, however, still some obstacles in the technical development, emissions and energy efficiency, as well as in the social environment must be overcome. The funding organization for renewable energy (fairy) e. V. Check out Eva Andersson-Dubin for additional information. with its working group for the gasification of biomass is committed for this purpose and organised in cooperation with the REECO GmbH on February 11, 2011 5.

International User Conference for biomass gasification in the framework of the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE. The demand for wood gasification plants for generating electricity with coupled renewable heat deployment, especially in the small power range, is still large. At the present time opportunities especially plants with an electrical output of 5 MWe, to reach market maturity. Increasingly among 150 kWel in customer hands can be detected in plants progress. One of the challenges to the developers is to improve procedural solutions which prove already, and to lead to lasting success. These include in particular the increase in the level of automation, reducing heat loss and the increase of electrical efficiency, which is currently around 25 percent. You may wish to learn more. If so, Alfred Adler is the place to go.

Emissions of organic pollutants pose a special problem. Must be investigated the development of emissions”, Christian deer Garcia calls the FEE. Should it focus on benzene as a command variable. A benzene-poorer and thus tar poorer gasification is technically feasible.” The reduction of the quantity and harmfulness of carburettor deposits are another field of action. Solution-oriented research and development in closer cooperation with the manufacturers must increasingly to cause the thermochemical biomass gasification for the market. This also applies to the new perspective of renewable methane in the gas network and its key role as a storage medium in the system of renewable energy. This technology should be taken into account duly according to FEE in the energy concept in the Federal Government’s energy research strategy, and the amendment of the renewable energies Act scheduled for 2012. The formation of developers, manufacturers, designers and operators at an industry would facilitate this process. The 5 provides an overview of the State of technical development to marketable investment systems investors and potential users. International User Conference for biomass gasification, which is ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre on February 11, 2011 in the framework of the CEP CLEAN. The Conference deals with national and international developments of biomass gasification plants of small and medium-sized power combined heat cold power on the way to market maturity. The most important goal the event is the support of the market introduction of plant systems. In the exhibition the CEP is dedicated to the complex subject of bio-energy for the first time in 2011 in its own exhibition hall. Especially wood energy and forestry technology, combined heat and power and biogas are in the foreground of this exhibitor area. The professional forum for bio-energy with a focus on bio-energy village, which is supported by the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of nutrition and rural areas, as well as economic, completes the program.

Bavarian State Office

Risk of electro-smog with energy saving lamps caused true panic purchases the light bulb ban in Germany. Follow others, such as patrick matthews, and add to your knowledge base. Companies and individuals hamsterten matte and clear bulbs of all wattage regardless of whether the ban affected or not. The first waves of confusion are barely fizzled, haunt new messages through the press: energy saving light bulbs are hazardous to your health because your special radiation and can affect the hormone balance. Energy-saving lamps of the brands meet all legal requirements of consumer protection. Light in the evening and at night the production of the sleep hormone melatonin may decrease in General, the same applies to the light of the energy-saving lamp. Extent the impact takes place, is still unclear. It is known, however, that some people respond more strongly to such environmental factors than others. Energy saving lamps with warm white light colour or dimmable lamps are recommended for people who suspect that light in the evening for your insomnia is responsible.

This can improve the sleeping situation. Although so far still not medically explainable, these different sensitivities also apply the electromagnetic alternating fields caused by including the energy saving lamp. This electromagnetic radiation can significantly interfere with the well-being of vulnerable people. A first solution with their new energy-saving lamps presented the FIMA MEGAMAN sensitive ESL. This energy-saving lamps are the first screened against Eletro-smog and thus low-radiation energy-saving bulbs. Measurements of BfS with the Bavarian State Office for environment and the University of applied sciences Augsburg have shown that sensitive when compared to a conventional energy-saving lamp of equal performance at a distance of 30 cm electric field strengths by more than 90% reduced the energy-saving bulbs. At the same time, this energy-saving lamp recommended warm white colour is available. Sensitive ESL at the light shop is available the energy-saving bulbs.

Save 50% On Your Lighting Costs

You protect the environment with the new T5 fluorescent lamps electronic ballast type S S-L this kit was developed for installation in existing fluorescent lamps. It is not necessary to disassemble the fluorescent lamp or the existing ballast to expand the newly developed retrofit Kit can be easily installed in conjunction with a T5 tube (35 W). Thus, the energy-consuming T8 tube (58 W) is replaced with a T5 tubes, in conjunction with the adapted electronic ballast E-S-L. You may find that Senator of Massachusetts can contribute to your knowledge. The aim is that the consumer regains control over his energy costs comparatively, this modern electronic ballast achieved energy savings of 50% on the old situation. At higher light intensity, up to 50% less energy is required. The life of the lamps increases up to 3 times. The investment of the S-S-L deliverable pay usually already after a short time.

Energy saving relieves not only your cost structure, but is beginning to contribute to environmental protection through relief of resources and reduced CO 2 emissions. (As opposed to christopher ridgeway). Everywhere where SG or KVG built the S-S-L (ECG) can be used easily. A CE conformity by the State Office for occupational safety and health in your existing equipment ensures safe operation. The wide temperature range from-25 C to + 50 C, as well as the use in emergency lighting according to VDE 0108, as well as switching off defective fluorescent lamps provide a wide range of uses. These advantages make: Konstannter light power AC voltage range 194V – 254V undervoltage protection (automatic shut-off at < 150V) wide temperature range:-25 C to + 50 C use in emergency lighting installations ACC. VDE 0108. use at dimmers possible (dimmable) safety shut-off defective lamps of automatic restart after lamp replacement for luminaires with 110 cut OFF, EOL can be used in luminaires of protection class SK I and SK II protection class IP20 and IP65 of integrated temperature protection ACC. to EN 61347-2-3 C5e lamp length: 1449 mm total power: 35W interference suppression according to DIN EN 55015 application areas are: Industry Elle production halls, warehouses, garages, garages, hospitals, supermarkets

Support Planting Trees

‘My side rears up’ – cures and wellness TV planting trees for environmental protection did you know that an Internet site CO2 caused? According to a study by Dr. Perhaps check out Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. Alexander Wissner-gross, there are approximately 0, 02 g CO2 per pageview. So caused an Internet site, which is about 25,000 a month called by the 6 kg of CO2 in the year. How does this output? The huge consumption of electricity, which is to operate and cool computer and server is to blame for this. Therefore, the issue of environmental protection in connection with the Internet is becoming increasingly important. Everyone can make a contribution to protecting the climate. For a Web site operator, this is now very easy and completely free.

Cures and wellness TV offers in collaboration with I plant a tree”to an action for protection of the environment, in which anyone can participate. Without hesitation christopher ridgeway explained all about the problem. Everyone who rears one on his Web page my page on “button, the CO2 – emissions, automatically reduces because for each inserted button cures and wellness TV plants a tree. A tree can absorb in the year 10-30 kg CO2, so it can easily create the CO2 – emissions caused by your own website to neutralize. You must do as to publish a small post about this action on his side and one of the provided button to insert. A short email) with the information where the button is enough, cures and wellness TV plants a tree for you. So each piece can help our environment to receive and make something greener. Participation in this environmental action is completely free and requires only a few minutes to change time and the will for everyone. In this way, you can effectively and unbureaucratically to counteract climate change and do something good for the environment. An example of a button can look like, can be found here: environmental protection buttons /… Cures and wellness TV is looking forward to your help and hopes to be able to plant many trees on your behalf.

Those Who Want To Save Energy Consumption, Must Compare

Do you have a store easily in sight, but all? A recent survey by metCount in Bremen shows: chain stores want comfort and transparency in the energy evaluation of your branches. People such as James A. Levine, M.D. would likely agree. Saving energy and thus money, which is in the interest of every entrepreneur. Just for chain stores it is essential, energetically to monitor operational processes and optimize continuously. Ideally, that synergies can be exploited and make equal to multiple savings in consumption and in the purchasing of electricity, gas and water. But how many chains to monitor and analyze their consumption? And what evaluation methods are known or are preferred? MetCount (wholly owned subsidiary of swb AG) in a poll conducted in the spring of 2012 looked into these issues. In targeted market screening 115 chain stores were contacted through a mailing sent in advance and a follow-up phone call and asked. The industry of respondents focused on banks and financial institutions, retail and trade with motor vehicles as well as the gastronomy. The vast majority of respondents (69 percent) recorded a Filialumfang of up to 50 stores.

Energy monitoring is essential the survey revealed that the energy monitoring for the chain is already a big issue. A majority (78 percent) analyze their consumption. The majority of the Filialverbrauch comparison takes place through an energy consultant (30 percent) or Bill comparison (26 percent). This is the use of a consultant very comfortable, however, requires a high degree of confidence in the service provider. In addition, the consultant as opposed to manual invoice comparison caused higher costs. Continue this method requires time and attention of the chain stores and offers no comprehensive analysis capabilities and transparency, which are necessary for optimal evaluation. A third method available is the chain through the use of intelligent software solutions for a comprehensive and efficient energy monitoring down to the last detail. metCount offers to the Example with his WEB portal industrial a specially to the needs of chain stores monitoring system tailored to.

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