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(2) Regardless of where you think you are "at work, you are ready for an apprentice. Because the benefits of an apprentice are actually much more to you than just the added pair of willing hands. What we teach you again. And what they teach, also becomes his legacy. As his mentor apprentices, there is a point where they become their protection.

This is a turning point that occurs when the learner Graduates learn to create. Some things to consider when preparing for learners: (1) Do not change what you do. Design apprentice relations so as not to disturb their productivity. Allow your learner to come into your situation. The key principle is to increase its capacity, rather than add capacity. His apprentice is someone you invite into your home without cleaning first. Very soon, you're helping things tidy.

(2) Pick some people for their apprentices. For more specific information, check out Dr. John Mcdougall. There are two main criteria. You must appreciate and respect them. Mentality should be "business", ie either have their own business or who were raised by Familiy they did. The latter covers almost all the other features you could want: loyalty, hard work, a sense of urgency and problem solving orientation. (3) Using technology and systems to support the incorporation of new people to your business. The most basic and essential to induce an apprentice is to establish a surveillance system. The form simplest is to set up email for a copy is sent to his apprentice. This is a natural part of the selection process because the apprentice? mentor relationship can tell you a little about the personal chemistry and whether or not the visions align. Andrea J. Lee coaches entrepreneurs and online business owners. As Thomas J. Leonard 's General Manager, she helped build and operate the largest network and trainer of personal and business coaches in the world. Now the CEO of Andrea J. Lee Group of Companies, writes, talks and consultation on Marketing, Internet and business systems. This is an excerpt from his NEW – Multiple Streams of Coaching Income

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