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How to use the Maps of Noise? The noise maps are used like basic document to know the reality environmental noise in the population and power to develop preventive, corrective plans, programs and projects or of integral seguimiento.acustica. Also, these must be used like support and technical consumption in the elaboration, development and update of the plans of territorial ordering. The noise maps have the following objectives among others: * To allow the environmental evaluation of each municipality with respect to contamination by noise. * To allow the global prognosis with respect to the tendencies of the noise levels. * To generally make possible the adoption of plans of action in the matter of contamination by noise and of the corrective, preventive measures and of pursuit suitable. * To establish the conditions in which are the noise levels at national level.

The noise maps must contain like minimum the following information: * Value of the existing environmental noise levels in each one of the evaluated areas. * Boundary of affected zones of contamination by noise. * Date of elaboration of the noise map. * Specification of the height to which the graphical representation becomes. Constructions and Alarms In all the constructions, are due to demand that the preventive measures are adopted necessary, in order to obtain that the auxiliary and complementary facilities of the constructions, such as: elevators, equipment of refrigeration, metallic doors, doors of garage, machines, pumping stations, transformation of electrical energy, exhaust fans and extraction of air, musical, animal instruments domestic and any other mechanism, remain with the precautions of location and acoustic isolation that guarantee that the permissible maximum standards of noise emission are not surpassed.

In equipment installed in patios and/or roofs, that present/display affectation by noise to the atmosphere, exceeding the standards emission of established permissible noise or environmental noise in the law, systems are due to install of noise attenuation that assures the fulfillment the allowed standards. The installed alarms of security at present in constructions do not have to emit to the atmosphere a greater noise level of 85 decibeles dB (A) measured to three (3) meters of distance in the direction of maximum emission. Sanctions In case of violation to the contemplated environmental dispositions in the present resolution, the competent environmental authorities, will impose the preventive measures and sanctionary to that there are place and its regulation laid downs in the manual, or those modify that them or replace, notwithstanding the other actions to that there is place. According to this they will be possible to be imposed: – Daily Fines until by one add equivalent to 300 monthly minimum wages, eliminated at the time of dictating the respective resolution. – Suspension of the registry or the license, the concession, permission or authorization; – Temporary or definitive Closing of the establishment, construction or revocatory respective service and or lapsing of the permission or concession; – Work Suspension or activity, when of its continuation can derive damage or danger for renewable the natural resources or the human health, or when the work or activity has begun without the respective permission, concession, license or authorization.

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Aside from being a hobby by diversion, which is the idea to have blog? The answer is to obtain readers. Without mattering if she is selling publicity, a product or only his own ideas, you must want the greater possible amount of readers in his blogs. If this it is the case, then it is important to know how how to take to readers to his blog. There are several forms to increase to the amount of readers for his blog. Here it will find four advice who will serve to him as aid in it, are easy to do and definitively they are worth the pain.

Before everything, to increase readers will need to increase the number of pages that each reader sees. You will not want they judge that it only by his last publication, but by the totality of its work. For it, blog tries to emphasize its pertinent publications within his. At the end of an article, it emphasizes the publications that can be of interest for which they liked the present publication. The majority of platforms of blogs counts on plug-ins that they will help him with this, but is not thus, then by the minus makes a list of connections to other pages of way manual.

Another similar idea is to emphasize other pertinent publications in the content of its present publication. If you are speaking on a subject that already has touched before, it makes a connection in one of the key words, that go to the past publication that has relation. This also will help to maintain a past publication active. The second advice to increase to the readers of his blog is to think about making a series. A series is an excellent form to cause that a reader returns time and time again. In addition, if you are retroenlazando, it can obtain readers watching in multiple publications, even after it has finished with the series.

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