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Ukrainian Translation Lingo

24lingo agency specializes in written and oral sequential / simultaneous translation from different languages, as a mere literary translation and translation of any complexity level of technical documents. Our company selects only the best footage of Certified Teachers of Ukrainian and Russian universities. Also worth to note that our professionals are engaged in translation of medical documents, special attention on the translation of legal documents, according to the customer the variant further notarization. (Not to be confused with Senator Elizabeth Warren!). To successfully conduct business with foreign partners in Ukraine, Russia and abroad. Our agency always offer you the services of qualified interpreters to translate the economic / financial documents at all stages of your business. Also perform fully translate the site as soon as possible. Focusing on international experience, many firms enter into a contract with us on a permanent or long-term cooperation, saving yourself from unnecessary worries associated with permanent staff interpreters.

We actively work with research centers and institutions to translate scientific texts, including regular customers are also sold to various advertising companies – they offer translation services for ad text (for printing). Helping people with writing translations in completing various forms in foreign languages, personal correspondence. At the same time we fully maintain the confidentiality of the transfer. Our agency will do all the work you need better and cheaper; using the services of an interpreter of our translation agency, you will always know exactly the cost of services and will not be higher than the cost of services of professional interpreters. You will be able to fully plan for all its costs beforehand, trust me, prices will pleasantly surprise you. Our translation agency is proud that can perform urgent transfers to its customers. Urgent transfer over a team of professional and qualified interpreters, are able to perform accurate and high-quality translation in a short time.

The text volume of 1-2 pages a translator can do about an hour and a half. Bulk same documents are divided into pieces and given to the translation several translators. After the transfer is a team of professional editors and proofreaders proofread texts for correct use of terms and vocabulary. This challenge becomes feasible in primarily through the use of translation memory systems. Our translation differs responsibility, punctuality, and our motto is "Only a quality translation for all!"

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