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What it distinguishes to us of all the other creatures of the nature is the cerebral capacity to learn conscientiously besides doing it by instinct like the animal. This attribute to process information when learning, it gives the enormous advantage us to construct on the experience and to modify the elements of the knowledge, to create new ideas that are been reconciled to the puzzle of the success of each individual. These 5 ways to learn are practical and easy to develop 1. – It learns on things that interest, if you want to you to learn things that are not in syntony with your abilities or tastes, will be a suplicio that far from to learn to only will confuse more you. When you learn on a subject that you like, you will not have major difficulty and the knowledge will enter natural form your brain. 2. – subject simultaneously, to learn a particular subject simultaneously allows you to focus all your attention and to reaffirm the knowledge. If you have necessity to learn several subjects it you will be able to do if they are of different nature, like accounting and publicity, otherwise the similar subjects can be mixed you study if them at the same time.

You will be able to do whenever it is a subject wing time, in different days, never at the same time. 3. – To learn the learned thing, studies, studies, studies and later it studies (Technical German), the times that are necessary until it is clear to you and reaffirmed the concept, practicing the learned thing provides the necessary ability for transformarte in an expert. 4. – The learned thing Applies, the opportunities are disguised of problems and is necessary to know how to discover them, if you want to gain the competition does not practice the previous day of the contest, it is every day, month and year, until obtaining the ability and reducing the time without sacrificing the quality.

5. – Divirtete when doing it, if you enjoy the study you have but possibilities of learning, we will always find time to make the things that we enjoyed, beam that to learn is funny. The children always play, amuse themselves, enjoy and enjoy, are untiring, imitates their form to make it, acurdate of when eras and you young you will amuse like crazy person, turns the learning into serious game into It reaffirms the knowledge, there are dynamics to repeat by 21 days or times the technique until of it turns into a positive habit. Donald Cerrone addresses the importance of the matter here. In order to know more, in Executive Ideas there are many subjects to learn.

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