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Purifying Water

After days of excesses, it is worth the pain that we put attention to our organism and we spend a little time to him. These weeks it is worth the pain, to consume great amounts of fruits and vegetables. But a other less, all is depurativas and ideal for our body. If you live in climates temperings, tries to consume many salads with lettuce of different colors and textures, with something of onion, celery, carrot, cabbage, asparagus, that are foods with important purifying properties. These salads can be decorated with a little oil, vinegar or lemon. If on the contrary you live in cold climates, perhaps the salads are not tempting, if that is the case, you have a great amount of vegetables that you can cook in the form of soups, creams or simply cooked to the steam, the plate or the furnace.

A simple purifying trick to contribute to the accumulated toxin elimination at night is to later drink water with uninformed drops of natural water lemon and throughout the day. Although all the fruits and vegetables are excellent foods that contribute important amounts to us of vitamins, minerals and fiber I mention some to you that the pain is worth to have in house in these weeks: The artichokes, excellent water purifiers, diurticas, act beneficially on the liver, helping to the bile secretion, and consequently to the emulsification of fats and its corresponding elimination through the urine, so that what also a diurtico food is considered. Unquestionably the onion must be an ingredient indispensable in our kitchen, by its great contribution for the chemical decontamination and circulation, also the parsley is good to favor the elimination of liquids, besides being rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and antioxidants. The celery, can also include itself in broths or salads, are an excellent diurtico, a prescription of the grandmothers is to combine it with onion in broth and decorated with a little lemon, is a comforting and powerful diurtico. The asparagus are important fiber source, excellent diurtico.

The leeks, diurticos and laxatives. The beet is an excellent source of iron and antioxidants. A powerful and purifying combination is the mixture of beet, lemon, onion and garlic. It does not taste very pleasant, but he is an excellent cleaner of kidneys and liver. To try to quickly retake the good healthful habits of feeding that you accustom, complete breakfasts, five meals to the day, foods cooked to the steam, irons, furnace, slight dinners and a little physical exercise to finish purifying the organism. To include by days foods of easy digestion to compensate the over-exertion of the holidays. Foods with depurativas functions are many, but evidently they are many fruits and vegetables. We can realise breakfasts with fresh fruits and something of cereal. Between the fruits, to remember that pineapple is a powerful diurtico, the apple a water purifier par excellence, the citruses and the grapes antioxidants and tonics. In addition the citruses can be the base of many combinations for natural, simple and delicious juices that you can prepare in house. To realise light meals with salads that they include watercresses, lettuce, artichoke, marrow, beet, celery, among others to improve the digestion and to eliminate toxins. To practice some days of fasting also is recommendable and healthful in these dates, a good fasting practiced and preparation, can give excellent results leaving of resting to the digestive system, even if it is only a day. To remember to consume several fresh water glasses every day.

Defense Apply

With this question we initiated this article with a brief reflection of diverse forms to observe, to apply and to feel the martial arts, in diverse occasions we catalogued techniques, styles or teachers, with the efficiency of its arts or schools, when these are not feasible for us we rejected simply them we do and them to a side. Some techniques traditional and modern are designed for certain characteristics of people, when it is desired to apply to a tendency different from other people with different characteristics from the original ones to which they were adapted, can general certain hollows or spaces that can get to form it a little deficient, is for that reason that it is important to obtain a critical eye and to realise it of such form or so that not to modify it, to adapt it to the personal circumstances to correct those technical details that could cost us in the combat. another circumstance that we must take into account is in the form in which the defense is taught, since it is different to train it in dollo, with a mechanical movement where we have companion who already knows beforehand that he happened at the time of the execution of the technique, however or applying it in the real life or any other situation where she can move the opponent in a direction of which we had not anticipated, the surroundings can affect the put application can have a ground of different ways causing that the positions are not the optimal ones or simply changes of direction the attack to you of which or you were mechanized for defenderte of. A martial application within the defense person will depend on as much on the executant as well as on the circumstances to which they appear to him. The best form to as much apply one in the real life as in competition is adapting it to the conditions and modismos of each situation, definitively also counts the opponent to who this facing to him, regularly from its position and its form to take the conflict we occur an idea that as much experience has and that so prudent or reserved is.

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