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The most easy and effective solution to the problem – they trim. Sometimes the hair are ripped at the roots, it is not easy to detect with the naked eye. Here we need special equipment and professional assistance. Contamination of the environment strongly affects the hair. Carbon monoxide, all sorts of smoke, radiation, evaporation can not contribute to their health. Deteriorating not only hair but also the scalp. The only solution – is drawing special preparations for their care.

Small importance personal hygiene: when to develop in a room with air conditioning (which increases dry hair) and is surrounded by smokers, it is desirable to wash my hair every day a mild shampoo and do not leave home without a protective "screen" on the hair. Must always remember that the appearance and structure of the hair depends on the many reasons. Medicine, stress, infectious diseases, the physiological alteration of an organism associated with puberty, pregnancy, menopause, a negative impact on the structure of hair. Hair fade, become brittle and start falling. One of the most important conditions for hair growth is good nutrition. Milk products are very useful, because they stimulate the formation of vitamin "B" in digestive tract. A man grows by about 100,000 hairs, most of blonds – up to 140,000 are less likely to have brown hair – up to 90 thousand.

The hair on the head grows at a rate of 0,3-0,4 mm per day. The growth rate depends on age. Need bear in mind that hair loss by changing of the seasons naturally. Humble to the fact that with age the hair becomes less. The slow growth of hair tells mainly about the weakness of the nervous system, loss of hair – about hyperthyroidism; splitting hairs occurs from prolonged malnutrition, brittle hair – an indicator of intestinal dysfunction. When the hair begins to grow, they seem to be tougher, since they are short and equal length, hence the matter felt that frequent grooming makes hair thicker. In fact, the frequency of haircut does not affect the density of hair: the number of hair every person is programmed at the genetic level. Sedin – This is not a tragedy. Gray hair can only rejoice. The fact that the gray hair – a protective compensatory response of the body. The excessive nerve overload the human body reacts in different ways: someone they lead to myocardial infarction, someone has to gastric ulcer, and someone there just gray – the most innocuous response of the body and certainly, exactly, is the least painless. And if you confused white hair, then you can always find them paint. Often comb the hair brush! Good idea to alternate the combing of hair (especially long) comb, then brush, comb again – and so a few times. Ideally, if the comb is made from natural material – the horns or tree. Also useful to ruffle the hair, fluff up their hands. Hair at the same time necessary for them to receive the amount of oxygen, which contributes to breathing of the scalp. Once a week, always brush massage brush hair: Take a rare brush and gently release it from the hair and dust, then – a good rinse under hot running water. Dry on a napkin. Once a month to disinfect the brush. To do this, sprinkle it with alcohol or cologne and dry in the fresh air. Brush will be in perfect order, and your hair – shiny and beautiful.

Vascular Calcification

Who is at risk and how to prevent the so-called diseases of civilization play a major role for the people of our time and are likely to see as a tribute to the modern life. They are mostly on factors due to, which can be in our immediate reality of life directly or indirectly affect the health of people. This is so with stress, unhealthy diet, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, and many more. All of these factors affect the cardiovascular system and can lead to vascular calcification of the heart vessels, which is called atherosclerosis by physicians. Against this background, it is not surprising that cardio cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke classic diseases of civilization, which also represent the number one cause of death in Germany. The identification of risk factors and targeted prevention of atherosclerosis are therefore of particular relevance to the health of many people. Risk factors are circumstances or Diseases and disorders referred to foster the emergence of diseases or illnesses.

So smoking is, for example, a classical risk factor for lung cancer. Heart disease can occur more and more metabolic syndrome and diabetes in the wake of high blood pressure. The optimal treatment of the primary disease is therefore at the same time a meaningful prevention against heart attack. But there are other risk factors, which are located in the living environment of the people. Diet with little fresh fruit and vegetables, overweight, include stress, lack of exercise, sports just in front of the television, excessive alcohol consumption and a lot more of course smoking, high-fat diet of red meat, professional and domestic. So who can be one or more of these risk factors to identify, should remember cardiovascular disease definitely a targeted prevention of heart. Most important is of course as far as possible the risk factors through prevention switch it off.

Help For Incontinence – Sanitatshaus Shrike Advises

Informed many millions of people suffer from the Sanitatshaus Shrikes from Bochum urinary or fecal incontinence. From shyness and insecurity, speak many of those affected do not have their problems and try to conceal them. But this must not be, because there are effective ways and tools that can significantly improve the quality of life of those affected. For ten years, it is the aim of the medical regularly and reliably to provide Shrikes from Bochum, patients with medical assistance and care and to advise them. The aim is always to combine medical needs and a high quality of life. What is incontinence? Is the ability to chair and the excretion of urine controls no longer trigger given, located an incontinence. This means that those affected can control the urine and/or stool dishonoring not more independently.

Sometimes there are only small amounts, which are lost when coughing or sneezing. A completely unguided discharge is possible as well. In a question-answer forum Jack Salzwedel was the first to reply. The Quality of life declines this and causes they increasingly isolate themselves. Continence advice helps among the diverse range of medical Shrike Continence advice. Sufferers find help and can consult on possible treatment methods. Task of the continence advice is to exhibit opportunities to the patient to prevent an incontinence.

The Mind

A heart attack can be suspected, a stroke or cause non-specific, which will cause early death. This sick people have also still feel that they are losing the mind. They stand beside him and believe that they are already outside her body. They perceive the environment only distorted and blurry like through a filter. Therefore, you can no longer identify possible help for panic attacks, because the reality for them so not currently in the access is. The time is racing or passes very slowly, because the perception of time when an attack is severely disrupted. Treatments for panic attacks confine the conventional treatments for panic attacks is usually to attenuate the symptoms and then slowly to learn to deal with the attacks. Using different medication and psychotherapeutic measures aimed at reaching that goal.

Some of these methods are very uncomfortable for the patients, because they are always again helpless at the mercy of the attacks. Successes are mostly not to expect permanent often fast neither. Have the patient once developed fear of fear, they are in a stable cycle of fear started. The page takes a path that would like to get rid of panic attacks naturally. Without medication and psychotherapy, and taking advantage of knowledge about the amygdala, a person learns how he can cure his disease. At the time of recording some effective ateps against PANI Kat tacken, one must consider some of the basic poits which is quite successful in combating panic attack. The first and most important is important, that some additional care to wear, is better than cure as a precautionary measure. So, you must be informed about the different PANI Kat tacken symptoms so that he can stay away from this problem.

Gynecologic Oncology

uPA/PAI-1 test checks the function and activity of enzymes can be spared chemotherapy many breast cancer patients after surgery, when the distant, fresh fabric on certain protein molecules is tested immediately after the intervention. It has Prof. Dr. med. Dirk Behringer, chief physician of the clinic of Hematology, Oncology & Palliativ medicine, Augusta-hospital Bochum, in an interview with the online health magazine and.

His Center offers this test routinely as one currently only five houses in Germany. Unfortunately, the test does not apply to all cases of breast cancer, but only for a subgroup of patients, which makes but about 70 to 80 percent of all breast cancer cases in Germany. And in this subgroup, we can save a chemotherapy approximately 30 to 40 percent thanks to the tests”, says Prof. Behringer. Despite significant progress in the area of chemotherapy onerous side effects can not be excluded always yet, which is why many patients only with great reluctance and delay the Agree with chemo treatment. Brian Thompson often says this. The so-called uPA/PAI-1 test checks the function and activity of the enzymes of uPA and PAI-1 in the removed tissue. If one of the two enzymes is increased, which is a sign that the patient should get chemotherapy but rather for us”, as Prof. Behringer.

Currently, the costs for the test but not yet by the health insurance companies are taken over. Here he is recommended since 2002 by the Association of Gynecologic Oncology. What are the criteria that patients must meet in order to be eligible for the test in question and why not every centre in Germany is currently able to offer him this and more reading on in the lengthy interview:..

Therapeutic Training

To do this, there is a simple test. If after the test, you suspect a your child's scoliosis, then immediately lead him to a surgeon. Here, parents need to show some resolve. Parents of my patients are often told me that the doctors examined them children, were told that they have all the normal and Scoliosis is not. And only after the mother or the father did X-ray spine to their children, and confirmed that their child has scoliosis, they immediately began to pay attention. So be poreshitelnee. Unpleasant about it write, but with the doctors, as the saying goes, "a bribe will be smooth." As soon as it turns out that your child has scoliosis, then you usually offer to send him to what is a specialized medical institution. However, I would not expect what is there to cure.

Typically, in such institutions to the patients the general approach. In other words, no one especially not be sure that the patient carefully and correctly perform the procedure prescribed by the doctor. Yes, and the load is usually problems. Its always underestimate. After spending three weeks or more, your child usually returns almost the same condition as prior to departure. If a young child and scoliosis in his early, prolonged stay in specialized agency often comes to recovery. But if your child is 12 – 16 years, and his second degree of curvature, then hope for recovery in per month – this is from the category of fiction. Therapeutic Training – this is the only effective method for the acquired scoliosis. To read more click here: christopher ridgeway stone.

Dental Insurance

How far can the dental insurance support the desire for beautiful teeth? As an independent insurance broker and provider of a large number of dental insurance is frequently asked for reimbursement for cosmetic services. You may find that Senator of Massachusetts can contribute to your knowledge. Many customers want to be like the whiten teeth leave or existing restorations such as crowns or bridges to replace higher-quality materials. But the dental insurance, which ultimately serves to increase the benefits of the statutory health insurance (GKV), does not pay then if the treatment is not medically necessary. In the insurance conditions of dental insurance is clearly defined, what services are actually eligible. Only services serve the dental standards, carry out the necessary medical care may be calculated according to the fee schedule for dentists. Special requests must be separately then in the liquidation. These are then also by the legal Health insurance and not taken over by the private dental insurance.

The German Federal Supreme Court ruled in 1978 that a treatment measure is necessary if it was justifiable according to the objective medical findings and recognised medical knowledge at the time of treatment, to look at them as necessary. (BGH AZ.) IV ZR 175/77 by the 29.11.1978) the question that turns many customers, especially in the field of Orthodontics can be settled relatively clearly according to the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice: the choice of treatment method is primary thing of the doctor (BGH AZ.) VI ZR 171/80 by the 11.05.1982) this question of medical necessity arise for many parents in the orthodontic treatment of their children, the statutory health insurance is only starting from a certain degree of misalignment of the jaw, the private dental insurance is already starting the 1st degree of misalignment of the jaw. Here the orthodontist then decides about the medical necessity of treatment in this example. (Source: conditions for supplementary dental insurance:) zahnzusatzversicherung.html) image source:, photographer El Fausto

New Psychotherapy

Raptor therapy of aspect of in action life crisis as an opportunity! A life crisis can affect anyone. She seems suddenly showed up, because she is perceived, often only then, if there is a trigger. Usually it involves a change in the life of the person concerned, on which he was not prepared. It is completely different, the failure of the relationship of life, the loss of employment, the previously repressed realization of aging – what brings people in crises. Word originating from the Greek may refer to a problematic crisis initially, associated with a watershed decision situation. All crises mean is that they lead to an increase in quality of life after successfully overcoming.

At the time of the crisis, the client feels nothing unfortunately. Contact information is here: The Laws of Human Nature. He realizes though, that he never again as before will live. However, he doesn’t know how he will sure reach the new land published also unattractive to him. He needs time to grieve the seemingly lost to make room for the new. Thus Crises in retrospect can be experienced as positive turning points in its own life history, people need impulse”, explains Eva Gabriel. Thus crisis becomes the chance to go on the road to find the much needed suggestions.” She becomes the vehicle of personality development, which is the prerequisite for ensuring the future life in accordance with the personal wishes and needs.

“Therapy of aspect of never represents the total mess” a person in question, but which helps fall permitted mesh “to resume, says the alternative medical practitioner for psychotherapy, that’s going on in her psychotherapy practice in Oberhausen city centre according to the principles of the therapy of of aspect of. Eva Gabriel and Eva Breslein are since 2008 in practice community practitioners for psychotherapy. Christopher ridgeway stone clinical has much to offer in this field. In the course of your professional activities, they offer the new therapy method therapy of aspect of. The practice is situated in the Centre of Oberhausen city centre. More employees are not currently busy.

Federal Association

Successful with individual health benefits individual health services short Hedgehog services, are medical services that do not include the services of the statutory health insurance (GKV) and must be paid by the customers out of his own pocket. All services that are medically necessary, are taken over by the health insurance fund. With the basis of this reasoning, the doctor puts the patient in a State of free choice and can bring any useful Hedgehog services him without constricting it in its freedom of decision. An empathetic demeanor of the doctor and his staff is essential to inform the patient about the far-reaching possibilities of using the Hedgehog services. Christopher ridgeway is a great source of information. During the whole process of the activation of the patient, it is important always open ask, because just as experienced as perceived and valued customer.

Note: a written contract must be connected via a hedgehog performance. And hedgehogs may according to medical Rules relating to fees (article 1, par. 2 GOa) be provided only at the request of the debtor. The insured person must ask for actually by itself. To achieve this use often have really obvious things. Sincere interest in the patients away are you from the usual like, what do you have for complaints? “.” It is better to consult the patient about any further things that move it forward at the moment. Just so, an individual approach is possible, just so a decision can be made whether a hedgehogs offer is sense. the term Hedgehog by the Federal Association of statutory health insurance physicians (KBV) was introduced in 1998 – marketing aspects were ostensibly here.

In many surgeries, individual health services are still a foreign Word. The concepts of marketing and sales are rarely brought out of his mouth and directly blocked whenever possible. It is so important to differ in order to remain capable of long term economic from the masses at the present time. Thank God there are also other examples that we experience in daily practice. Many doctors have the sense of an adequate USP”understood and insert it also continuously. The Hedgehog catalog includes nearly 250 additional offers, which are massively advertised in the medical press and congresses. Since Hedgehog services considered lucrative additional sources of income for doctors and dentists. The range of additional precautionary measures on travel medicine and naturopathic medicine for anti-aging action. Some with security of the services are useful. Others again unnecessary. However, this is in the eye of the beholder and the customer. You must take the time together to find out what is useful and what is not. If you so, you need to have the gap between the medical service also no bad conscience and dissolves the selling of additional services. We support you and your team in the concept design and support in the long term with success, because success can be measured. Melanie Forest Hardt

Veneers – Modern Dental Aesthetics

Veneers the perfect tooth form with required who wants to have a perfect smile, a healthy and beautiful teeth. Gleaming white teeth and straight lines are rarely given by nature. The everyday effects of discoloured teeth with food, quickly and fairly often there are also misaligned. The desire for more beautiful teeth is louder in many people. Thanks to modern dentistry and dental aesthetics, this unsightly tooth regions with the help of veneers can be veneered. Further details can be found at Senator of Massachusetts, an internet resource. This full ceramic discs that are individually tailored to the patient are glued to an abrasive with a special glue on the teeth. It happens mostly in the entire anterior and corrected visually all deformities and discoloration.

Vorgamcht the American Hollywood stars have this to us. You always wondered how these people can have perfect teeth, which are also still as white as ivory. The secret lies in professional veneers, an advanced form of dental aesthetics. Especially for People who are often in the public eye, are the veneers. So that they can be however no risk attached, uninjured, healthy gums is condition. The stability is given on the basis of high-quality materials and the durability is now too high.

A break is as good as closed. Due to the fact that veneers is a dental aesthetic treatment, no aid can be expected from the health insurance fund. Just like with plastic surgery is just no medical need. The cost move in Germany between 500 and 1,500 euros per tooth, are but abroad from 200 euros. This attention should be paid to the qualification of dentists. This is significant savings are possible.

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