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Cup COconscious

Simply cool it even more fun! Certified coolness Munich, June 17, 2010 – the World Cup in South Africa will cause approximately 2.7 million tonnes of CO2. 67% of emissions go on the account of the long-haul flights, because most visitors come from afar. By comparison, the entire Switzerland launches in a month 4.4 million tonnes of CO2. Unfortunately, the CO2 emissions in South Africa is not balanced as opposed to the World Cup in Germany in 2006. Would the total with the highest quality and most secure certificates on the market, the CERs UN balance, which would cost some 40 million euros.

Much sounds, but overall, the World Cup has cost 3.3 billion euros and as much profit is thus expected to be generated. It would be so! But it takes nothing to wait for others to do something. Everyone can contribute to, just like the mood. Individual teams do this: half of all World Cup participants same their CO2 emissions in air rights from biological agriculture including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ivory Coast, England, Greece, Italy, Japan, etc. And how do individuals in Germany? To the final game on Sunday, July 11, at Johannesburg nationwide countless shirts, bracelets, pendants, car pennants, makeup colors, flags, hats, whistles and Vuvuzuelas are used. Public viewing events, trips and to friends, beer, snacks, Grill soccer nights, sticker sticker album with mountains of waste are added. Certified coolness gives fans the opportunity to participate in the financing of CO2-compensation projects in emerging CE certificates of the United Nations. Everyone in the portions as he likes it: small, medium, large.

There are cool art and life with tips on how you can reduce CO2 everyday. So football enjoyment, arts & life art and climate protection can be combined: and in any case, these gifts to the Earth and to all who you like, are a direct hit. How to contact with Mr. cool Ness (alias Arturo Amorim, CEO) at Backgrounder the Earth and life are cool”. So that it stays that way, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and to change intelligent, humorous and positive life habits. In the order: Avoid CO2, reduce CO2 and compensate for CO2 because not everything can be to avoid or reduce. Certified coolness provides assistance in avoiding CO2, CO2 reduction and CO2 compensation (“CO2 compensation also called in English: carbon offsetting”). Avoiding CO2 and CO2 reduction are certified coolness information: comprehensive, relevant and free of charge. With the attitude, cool living on a cool planet”offers the coolest CO2 offset certified coolness secured exclusively by CE certificates that are issued by the United Nations (UN). CO2 offsetting, there is art and the art of living: stories, photos, drawings, videos, cooking recipe and more. For anyone who loves the Earth and life, and for all budgets is something: there are the SMALL sizes with 250 kg CO2 offset, MEDIUM with 500 kg CO2 offset and LARGE 1,000 kg CO2 compensation. The unique combination of CO2 offset and art makes it possible to give something useful and cool at the same time. About to download: easy, fast, easily, without waiting time and shipping costs. For this reason, the certified coolness pages are a popular destination for cool last minute gifts.

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