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Introduction Of System Grounding

The term ground systems is widely used today due to the growing concern for protection of electrical equipment failure and damage that result from a lack of these, however is a term used but not all people understand their role and function, because this end up choosing a very effective ground system that will eventually become worse or simply choose not to install anything to their computers. That is, a grounding system are all the elements necessary for an adequate ground reference. The concept of physical ground, is applied directly to a third wire that is connected to the land itself, or the ground, this is connected to the third connector in electrical outlets, these outlets are called polarizados.a a relevance of The main functions by installing a system would offer protection in places where grounding, its operation is to drain the land to the currents that are created by short, by induction or by some lightning, so the daninaa power is not enough to damage the equipment. Due to adverse shocks, it is common to detect in the electrical and electronic equipment problems such as strokes, short circuit, faults, blackouts, loss, high energy consumption and other situations not presented with an adequate grounding system. The connection to tierraprotegera system to all connected equipment into an outlet on any overload that could cause and likewise provide security and comfort to the inhabitants of the house. Benefits of physical land and install a lightning rod grounding system generates significant benefits that significantly improve the quality of electric power, all this is reflected in the proper functioning of equipment and machinery, as well as many advantages as:-Decrease in accidents in places of work and home-Reduces power consumption.

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