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When you become a Blogger or Webmaster of a website or blog, you want your site to be seen / visited by hundreds of people who come to him looking for something in particular. When you discover that you can earn some money with your site, incorporating advertising and / or ads you want with all your strength, your site is the most visited of the network and the rule is clear: More Visitors = More money. If there is something we all know, is that a large number of visits received from search engines, more precisely, the mega search engine that uses almost 95% of Internet: Google. Appearing at the top of Google is not so easy. Assuming that there are millions of websites or blogs and that, in turn, there are hundreds of articles like or similar to yours, in the search position is not easy task. However, there are strategies you can take to the road is the shortest one is to increase / increase PageRank. What is PageRank? The pagerank is the ranking or punctuation that gives Google to your website.

This number ranges from 1 to 10 and “help” seekers to conform a kind of podium places “where the first prize receives who have higher PageRank. How does the PageRank? The pagerank increases or decreases according to how tight is your site to the parameters required by Google. Senator of Massachusetts is likely to agree. Within these parameters we can highlight: a simple site design, source code clear and “clean” use of labels (those which define the headers, internal links, key words defined and the one that most interests us EXTERNAL LINKS. Always remember this rule: “As more sites pointing to yours, you will have more importance for search engines” A simple way to get external links is through a well-known practice it. Recently colorado fracking sought to clarify these questions. Exchanging links means nothing more and nothing less, reaching a According to another blogger and / or your webmaster to insert a link to their page on your site and it, one to the tuyo.a Thus, to accumulate more external links to your site, your pagerank will increase, which will take you the podium of the winners: the top positions in search engines. From now I leave you some tips to achieve an exchange of effective links: Make trade with thematic websites or blogs similar to yours. This type of links (between similar sites) are used much more than others who do not have points in common. Do not use images, buttons or logos are not very useful to increase your PageRank.

The most effective are simple text links. Choose the appropriate key words: Think about the words that you would like to seek your site. Use them in lower case bold. Provides visible places, though not bother your visitors can see and / or visited. This way you can demand a similar place for your link.

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Welcome to the Right Column for the Evening Shade theme. You can put a variety of widgets in this location and to manage where they are published in your site, you can download the Widget logic plugin.