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ECOMBerlin Discussed Strategies

Expert talk on the future of online trade Berlin, March 18, 2010 on 27 and 28 April is ECOM-Berlin in their second round. Renowned industry experts will discuss a mix of lectures and hands-on workshops on topics such as “Mobile applications and their impact on online trading?” or “What roles play impulse shopping, Twitter or Facebook for a successful online strategy?”. Thereby all relevant issues are illuminated by the right IT strategy through new purchasing models to staff development. As speakers could include Dirk Lauber (Director of new media, Gero Hesse (Senior Vice President human resources, Bertelsmann) and Joachim Graf (journalist and editor, high text Verlag) are obtained. According to the bvh study “Distance selling in Germany”, the Germans gave 2009 EUR 15.5 billion for goods on the Internet from ( However, technological developments, new software architectures and of actively intervening consumer change step by step ‘classic’ online trading. “One is the ECOM-Berlin Platform to discuss these developments and to develop strategies for successful E-Commerce”, says Christoph Wenk-Fischer, Deputy Managing Director of the Federal Association of the German mail order company (bvh).. “To have in the future in the Internet success, a strategy is needed, which takes into account trends such as Twitter, mobile and social commerce”, as Martin Gardner, editor in Chief of the industry information service “Mail-order consultant” (FID Verlag) and co-organiser of the ECOM-Berlin.

With a variety of lectures, the first day dedicated to the two major current trends in the E-Commerce: social networking and mobile commerce. High-profile industry experts such as Stephen Baker (BusinessWeek, author “The Numerati”), Patrick Gegauf (head of retail Switzerland retail AG rose) or Kevin Hillstrom (President, MineThatData) will introduce themselves and discuss in connection with the Congress participants. The next day, workshops address possible approaches for a successful online strategy. Central themes will be: “emotion – Conversion – profit: what is the role of emotions in the buying process? “,”Sale of iPhone apps – the most promising approaches for mobile commerce”,” Facebook Commerce: potential for social commerce “or”Current IT strategies for successful multi – / crossChannel solutions”.” “In addition to technical exchange forums and discussions the E-commerce strategy days provide space for networking and cross-industry exchange of ideas”, explains Gardner. This background is the evening event on the 27th with the motto “talks, chats, snacks and more.

Green Search Engine WeGreen Restart

Berlin start-up helps inter user green decisions Berlin, June 22, 2012 the first comprehensive default search engine for sustainable WeGreen launches today with brand ambassadors and fresh design. The ambassadors were selected from all ages and professions: the Berlin master chef places value on sensual taste experiences, the young mother on environmentally friendly products and the head of the Agency on a responsible use of raw materials. While the organizers want to make sustainability sexy, the Demeter-Baker puts on regional agriculture them all is sustainability in everyday life very important. And to find quick and easy everything is green. “The campaign is a call for mature, independent and sustainable decisions, which WeGreen Internet users want to help: consciously find ‘ appealing not only a breakthrough in direction, user-friendly design means for WeGreen”, says Maurice Stanszus, founder and CEO of WeGreen.

In particular she visualized our concern, the Internet users beyond an unmanageable flood of information, to make conscious and decisions reflected greenwashing and promotional pseudo labels.” WeGreen emerged from a research project of the Hochschule fur Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin. The WeGreen UG was founded in May 2010 as a corporation by Maurice Stanszus (26). The Kreuzberg employs four permanent and five freelancers. The initial concentration of green information on a single Internet service ensures that with one click all sustainable is available. WeGreen allows to use as a default search engine, are green hits but prioritized. Every click helps: 15 percent of the advertising revenue will be dissipated on donation projects selected by the users. The heart is the sustainability footprint, which quickly and easily visualize how ecological, social and transparent are companies, brands and products. A red or yellow light appears when a product knows the appropriate green WeGreen Alternatives and allows the user to choose a sustainable product. Press contact: Gesa Noormann, Tel.: 030-88 47 23 93, mobile: 44 868,,

Quality Provider Find Sourced On The Internet

Local provider search on the net – you will find made easy with the online search (almost) everything – even the good on its own doorstep. Local providers in the retail, service providers of all kinds, craft and manufacturing are often closer than you think. The advantages are obvious: the proximity creates accessibility, facilitate personal communication and thus the customer service. No craft operating with three same digits in the postal code can afford to sell expensive nonsense with high costs for his home a builders, if that gets around in the investor community and among local competitors. In the past everyone not for nothing had “his” Barber, his Shoemaker, Carpenter and butcher – social cohesion and the obligation which brings a long-standing customer relationship with himself, are the best guarantee for consistently high quality of service at a good price on one one side and full customer satisfaction on the other.

Services, craft and co.: The good is often so close the present with its infinite possibilities about that to make Internet price comparison, to goods of any kind home send to and to hire craftsmen services bidding comparisons, to look forward to here and there about saved money, has used many of these structures under pressure in the past few years. Now the opposite trend is apparent in many places: may have to many home builder shipwreck (or rather a nervous breakdown) suffered with a do-it-yourself Kit from the hardware store or the low-cost provider from the network was, all costs included, but more expensive than the company Schmidt and sons, with the youngest one is then went to school. Smart, durable and yet cost-effective solutions, comes just who knows the needs of the customers and has the appropriate experience in addition to a sound knowledge. Also, many have found that a personal consultation with a professional who not only seller is enlightening and useful, is as a modeller chat in a “How do you that?”-Forum.

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