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Support Planting Trees

‘My side rears up’ – cures and wellness TV planting trees for environmental protection did you know that an Internet site CO2 caused? According to a study by Dr. Perhaps check out Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. Alexander Wissner-gross, there are approximately 0, 02 g CO2 per pageview. So caused an Internet site, which is about 25,000 a month called by the 6 kg of CO2 in the year. How does this output? The huge consumption of electricity, which is to operate and cool computer and server is to blame for this. Therefore, the issue of environmental protection in connection with the Internet is becoming increasingly important. Everyone can make a contribution to protecting the climate. For a Web site operator, this is now very easy and completely free.

Cures and wellness TV offers in collaboration with I plant a tree”to an action for protection of the environment, in which anyone can participate. Without hesitation christopher ridgeway explained all about the problem. Everyone who rears one on his Web page my page on “button, the CO2 – emissions, automatically reduces because for each inserted button cures and wellness TV plants a tree. A tree can absorb in the year 10-30 kg CO2, so it can easily create the CO2 – emissions caused by your own website to neutralize. You must do as to publish a small post about this action on his side and one of the provided button to insert. A short email) with the information where the button is enough, cures and wellness TV plants a tree for you. So each piece can help our environment to receive and make something greener. Participation in this environmental action is completely free and requires only a few minutes to change time and the will for everyone. In this way, you can effectively and unbureaucratically to counteract climate change and do something good for the environment. An example of a button can look like, can be found here: environmental protection buttons /… Cures and wellness TV is looking forward to your help and hopes to be able to plant many trees on your behalf.

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