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Jonathan Sacks

In his book 'The advantage of the differences' Jonathan Sacks writes that all religions should be recognized not only the 'salutary', but true. Despite the fact that the author – Orthodox rabbi, he was not afraid to write about the common prayer of representatives of different religions. This approach has caused shock and apparent lack of understanding, especially among religious leaders. Although, in fact, with all due respect to his citizenship, Sachs suggested that pacifier – the union without a rod. He did not explain due to what will happen the union of cultures. In the five years since the first publication of this work, passions subsided. But things are there.

Terrible wars and terrorist attacks do not stop, and we ask ourselves: 'Well, how else can you tolerate? ". After all, terribly in the first place for our children, who receive an inheritance from us, this nightmare world. Similar phenomena were predicted Kabbalists ago. To read more click here: christopher ridgeway. After all, the object of their study is just the force that drives the processes as separation and integration. Early last century, the outstanding Kabbalist Y. Ashlag wrote that the 'ego' – the desire to Rights to receive pleasure 'for themselves' – is still increasing, but within an established culture is not a constructive way for development. And our contemporary, MA Lightman notes that 'self-interest as a natural desire to receive is basis of life. But the absolute selfishness leads to personal danger, conflict, instability of society, since the benefit is achieved at the expense of harm to others and require more force to protect mined '.

Hence the conclusion that some degree of altruism should be for purely selfish reasons. On this occasion, the famous American sociologist A. Etzioni very wisely said: 'To the state wanted to do without violence in their relationship that they were ready to compromise, they were able to agree among themselves, and to tolerate people praying to other gods, and related to a subculture, it is essential commitment to the common good. " We need to develop a vitally strong platform from which planetary altruistic culture. The division by race, ethnicity, people, the mentality that has occurred throughout history – natural, since in this process was due to the growth of the same selfishness, the desire of pleasure only for themselves. But today, oddly enough, can come from division to unification. Retaining all the uniqueness of each – person, people, civilization – we are able to rise above any differences. It showed the wisdom of Kabbalah, bringing together millions of people from dozens of countries. Ethics based on Kabbalah draws more and more representatives of different religions, culture and academics from all over the world. This worldview, as it turns out, can bring man and the world from a state of protracted crisis. So – say the Kabbalists – we have all the chances of similar changes. They argue that the XXI century is likely to be an era of adjustment of the inner spiritual man, changing social values. After all, people's attitude to the world and currently the most radical change. And therefore to there are not talking about Kabbalah, but if it can unite us, the 'Viva de la Kabbalah! "

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