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Amnesia And Alzheimers

This work will be an analysis of the different disorders are not attributable to a normal process of forgetting, such as Amnesia, and the different types, and temporal (temporary or permanent). Finally, treat the case of Alzheimer's disease, which is a cause of permanent amnesia more common in today's society. The Memory is essential for intelligent life. There is no better reason that this claim to be the choice of work to do a Las memoriae psychopathology. Discussion As part of the mnemonic is included, as counterpart, Oblivion. The function of this is to prevent data overload useless or of little use in the warehouse of memory. Following Ribot's laws, forget the latest first learned. A memory bit lost repeated evocative power.

A clear example, we have the case of languages: if not practiced, the words learned are being blurred. A novel stimulus that is associated by similarity, proximity or engrams everyday temporality, is less likely to be forgotten. And also the relationships of meaning rather than the facts remain poorly understood or confusing. It is easier to memorize if captures the main idea first and then the details. Repetition active interest and facilitate the concentration memorization. However, when memory loss is not attributable to a normal process of forgetting, it is stated that there Amnesia a "generic name. Amnesia we can define as total or partial inability to record, retain or recall information. According to the areas it covers, we can talk about various types of Amnesia: Amnesia Total, the individual loses his memory completely forgets his life.

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