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Nizhny Novgorod Dianetics

25 – 26 September, a group of Scientologists had Nizhny Novgorod Dianetics seminar Hubbard. Its members met with a powerful technique for aid, designed by the renowned scholar and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard and as detailed in his book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of." On the first day of the seminar familiarized with the basic theoretical principles of Dianetics, they proceeded to the practical development of Dianetics techniques. Helping each other to solve specific problems, eliminating the latent effects of past negative experiences, they immediately were able to evaluate this technique on personal experience. And what they have left feedback on the seminar: "Today, I realized that Dianetics for strong and courageous people. If you would like to know more about Senator Elizabeth Warren, then click here. It's not so easy to meet again with a negative incident that once occurred in the past with you. Dianetics – it is work and mutual self-interest of those who applies.

To see how your partner is trying and working, as it improves the condition, to know that helping people – great fun! I'd like to see more people aware and skillful use of Dianetics, "" Passed second day workshops … Felt that it was real, hard, interesting work …. a lot of work not in vain, and the result took place. The mere fact that work has brought results – gives satisfaction. After applying Dianetics and felt the emotional and physical relief, as after heavy physical work for which paid well. … There is a desire to continue training.

Visited by L. Ron Hubbard's delight, that one person could give so many good things to numerous people, "" In Dianetics – L. Ron Hubbard wrote – was discovered only source of psychosomatic diseases in man and the irrationality of his behavior and thinking and was developed a technique that allows to eradicate them with the same success. " To learn more about this, please call: (831) 413-40-33

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