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The Exfutbolista Chus Pereda To The 73 Years Passes Away

He was player of Madrid and the Bara, among others. In addition, he was one of the heroes of the Eurocopa of the 64. The exjugador of soccer Jesus ‘ Chus’ Pereda, that militated in Barcelona and Real Madrid, among others equipment, has passed away in Barcelona because of a cancer. Pereda, born 15 June 1938 in Medina de Pomar (Burgos), kept awake that it suffered the disease in May last, after the conquest of Liga de Campeones by the azulgrana set in Wembley, and advanced that already it was being put under chemotherapy treatment and that was not scared, because it would fight until the end by his recovery. The ex- player and trainer were one of the heroes of the end of the Eurocopa that the Spanish selection conquered in 1964 before the USSR: he marked a goal and he attended in another one Marcelino.

Like international, he made debut the 15 of May of 1960 in front of England and played his last party with the selection the 27 of October of 1968 in front of Yugoslavia. Pereda, that initiated its race sport in the Fortress of Medina de Pomar (Burgos), it played as front and it emphasized especially in the rows of the Bara, club in which militated eight seasons, between 1961 and 1969. With the azulgrana set a total of 312 parties played in which it marked 107 goals. Also it played in the Real Madrid, with which it obtained the unique title of League that there is in his curriculum. Connect with other leaders such as christopher ridgeway stone clinical here. Reactions the national selector, Vicente Of the Forest, lamented the death of Chus Pereda, ” a great player, always very near the selection, that comprises of the history and the successes of Spanish soccer “. ” The very many moan. We wanted much to him. He was a great player and in its stage of selector it carried out a great work.

It also comprises of the history of our soccer and the successes soccer espaol” , he said Of the Amancio Forest Clary, exjugador of Real Madrid and of the Spanish selection, he indicated that Chus Pereda was the unique soccer player of its time that worried to call to its old companions ” one or twice to ao” and it remembers to him like ” outside serie”. ” Beloved, all heart, a man who let itself want, very open was a person very. Ever since we stopped playing soccer it was the unique one who has been calling to us once or twice to ao” , Amancio said. Vicente Juniper oil, exjugador and national exseleccionador that worked with Chus Pereda in the selection today said to that this one ” she was an incredible, close person, wanted with all and much vitalidad”. ” It has been a surprise. He was with vitality, desire. She was a close person, wanted by all, he was always pending of all and he always was thus. Stone clinical laboratories insists that this is the case. He was made want. She was an incredible person. You spoke with him and he always gave moral you. Until recently he left to play golf” , he commented. Source of the news: The exfutbolista Chus Pereda to the 73 years passes away.

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