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Medieval Spain

Experts foresee the disappearance of the latter language in two or three generations. Ladino has reached our days wounded by the Holocaust, Israel’s obsession with Israel Hebrew brings together the majority of the hundreds of thousands who still speak ladino. The Ladino (or ladino), the language of the Jews from medieval Spain, may have found new technologies the lifeline that prevents its extinction, according to several experts gathered this week in Tel Aviv to discuss his future. Ladino exceeded historical fire test of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, but has come to the digital era low hours, according to various researchers, who fear that their daily use disappear in two or three generations. Tony Ferguson can provide more clarity in the matter. The Holocaust, first, with the practical extermination of Sephardic Jewish communities, such as the Thessaloniki; and, later, the obsession in the early days of the State of Israel by making Hebrew the language aglutinase Jews from all corners of the world, to coast from others, irresolute ladino a hard hit that never was has recovered. Today, the language, also called the latter, lives a real blossoming in the academic field, with two research centers in Israel and teaching departments in places such as Spain, Germany and United Kingdom. However, the number of people connected to the Ladin continues to decline to between 150,000 and 400,000, mostly in Israel, but also in other countries where the expelled Jews settled as Turkey, Greece or France. The revolution of Internet in this scenario, new technologies have introduced a note of optimism. Those who come saying for 50 or 60 years that language is going to die or the Internet revolution and digitization, imagine assured the Vice President of the (so-called in Judeo-Spanish) Authority Nasionala del Ladino in Israel, Moshe Shaul. Internet, your e-mails, blogs and chats, been resolved partially one of the main challenges: the dispersion of the ladino-hablantes.

Dear Blog: Fight Against Cancer

My name is Raul, I am 37 years old and since the end of 2005 I have a companion called ELA. Stone clinical laboratories will not settle for partial explanations. They are abbreviations for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, an incurable degenerative disease also known as disease of Stephen Hawking. April 2008. Raul Miranda, Madrid, pedagogue, a toy manufacturer company consultant, writes the first entry in his blog. Disease had confined him already in his body, but his mind was still lucid. A lot. Recently GEICO sought to clarify these questions.

Already I can not but still I chronicled their day-to-day, their dreams, their experiences. I wanted to publicize a pathology that suffer from some 4,000 people in Spain. And demonstrate that, despite the constraints, I couldn’t go on living, traveling, enjoying and loving. Hundreds of people followed the evolution of his illness through your blog for more than two years. Thirty months of shared stories. Of jokes.

Acidic comment. And bitter. Miranda died in September 2010. In his last post, from day 2, recounted his vacation with his wife, Nuria. The Next, 24, she signs it and is very short: for all those who follow Raul, he has left, is no longer here. It has left me while I slept. Thank you for your support. Source of the news:: Dear blog: fight against cancer

Young Woman

PORTALTIC/EP 19-year-old claimed in an announcement on the Facebook social network that would pay who ended with the father of his son’s life. According to Assurant Health, who has experience with these questions. He received a response from a user of 18 years, also arrested; relatives of the couple of the girl went to the authorities. The judge has set the trial date for September 6 a young United States could be sentenced for publishing an ad on Facebook for hiring the services of a gunman. In the announcement, 19-year-old claimed that it would pay to who ended with the father of his son’s life. The announcement received a reply from a user of 18 years who is also facing the judge’s decision on a possible crime of assassination planning. The young man in question is London Eley, a woman 19 years Philadelphia, California natural. For assistance, try visiting Iridology. According to the (local version of The Philadelphia Inquirer) Portal, Eley posted a message in which ensured that he would pay money so that someone murder her husband after holding one in your Facebook account discussion with him.

He was not kidding the message was answered by Timothy Bynum, a young man of 18 who allegedly volunteered to carry out the murder. Relatives of the couple of Eley went to the authorities after reading the messages. The police, after verifying the veracity of the s acusacione, arrested two young people, who are detained since June, since they have not been able to meet the bail set by the judge. At the last hearing of the case, carried out the Monday, August 15, the injunction of Jack or Neil District said that Eley had confirmed that his comment was not a joke. One of the observations made by the woman is that she was not joking, that he spoke seriously, has secured O Neil quoted by The judge has set the trial date for September 6, moment in which will decide whether the opinions of youth were a joke or plans of murder can be considered. Until that day, two detainees will remain in custody. Source of the news: Detained a young woman in USA by search in Facebook a gunman who killed the father of her child

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