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Everyone in this life is very important to be understood … other people. For this purpose, all means are good. Blogs, forums, your own page on the Internet, and essays in the newspaper, or writing books … Actually – the one and only pursued time – to be heard.

But, to be heard and be understood – and very different things in each case is pursued their own goal. To other people can understand you, first of all, you have to learn to understand themselves. Learn to understand yourself – others will be easier to communicate with you, and perhaps even more interesting. Clearly, to learn this without live communication impossible. Need to see the reaction of the interlocutor, his eyes, facial expressions, hand movements, hear the tone of voice … Blogs and forums such opportunities denied. There is a feeble attempt to paint the colorful smilies conversation, but, as you know – it's not the same as talking face to face.

In this, the more all on blogs and forums there are totally unfounded conflict. Someone wrote a completely unwilling to offend anyone, but someone did not understand … Why do we need to be understood by other people? Only to flatter own self-esteem? Of course – no. Communication with other people, above all, we need to develop and write a post on his blog, or online – will make sure that you stand for something that someone interesting … or no interest. This also happens. And no one to take offense. Developed, more intelligent, becomes interesting, witty, well-read companion … Social networks are a good cause – reduce the percentage of crime. Everyone who spoke on the network and received a response – can sleep peacefully. It was heard, agreed with him, supported him … At present it is not dangerous. Aggression in humans is manifested only when they see no other possibility explain their thoughts and convey your feelings. There is resentment. Man can not long hold resentment inside, after a while his feelings will burst forth, and the longer the insult lurked, the fiercer will be the manifestation of his aggression. On the blog, or forum with weak moderation – can, in principle, to write anything, and this fact, many certainly are. However, for psychological relaxation no matter what a person writes. Important fact writing as an opportunity to speak out … although, sometimes, unloading a psychological one is due to an injured sense of beauty for those lucky enough to read it all …

Dealing with Difficult Kids

Naughty children – is a protest against you, the essence of a child or an improper education? Children are very susceptible to influence by adults and other children. When your child does not want to do what you tell him to understand the reason for his actions. The reasons can be many: * It feels bad * Its that worried, he is afraid of something, such as babayku and does not want to dress as we take things out of the closet. * Children can not listen to you because you tell them one thing and doing the do on the other. For example, say that it does not scatter their toys around the apartment, though they come home and throwing his things, which then can not find them. Your behavior – that is what is standard of behavior for your child and no words will convince him not to return. If you show respect for your parents, it is no wonder that when your children grow up will do just as well. * Your child does not will listen to their parents if the parents agree between themselves that it is possible and what is not.

Otherwise, your child will quickly realize that he can do whatever he wants. The reasons vary, but you with patience and love to deal with all. There are no bad children, parents are ignorant. Source: The word "impossible" From the moment when the baby took his first steps, we believe everyone in the house for it is dangerous: sharp corners, doorways, forks, buckets debris, etc. Some parents cope with this problem this way: hide all the "dangerous" in their view things from a child or attend a child and taking away from it all, he picks up. But this behavior slows down the development of children.

After smelling, tasting, touching, listening to different objects and phenomena, the child learns the world. And the longer we will protect him from this world, so he later meet him. Sooner or later your child will learn that the chair fall hurt and the fire can burn. If we were able to vigilantly monitor their children, then we drove to restrictions in their psychological prison, suppressing the identity and developing a lot of complexes. Details on

The Mind

On the other hand, it is obvious that the child has the opportunity to play with their peers becomes diverse experience. Norway undertaken Experiments have shown that children who grow up apart from other children, even skipping two months in the primary school behind their peers in their ability to understand and accept other people's opinion on different things. Studies have also shown that children who have a good imagination, and have a higher intelligence, it is easier to learn and overcome all obstacles. Play is important because: During the game, the child learns to understand the world around us and themselves. While playing, kid opens himself realizes that he feels he understands what's going on; During the game generated value.

The game – a form of research. The game reflects the ideals of the child, who in his little world he adds from the adult world. So little by little forming position in life of the child; Play develops imagination, imagination and creativity. A white sheet into a robe doctor, the usual stick – the magic stick, a leaf torn from a notebook – in prescriptions, and a doll or teddy bear – in the patient. Such creative game – one of the main lessons for preschool children; The game develops the mind. During the game child is confronted with some problems and learn to express their thoughts in words. Playing, the child develops thinking, vocabulary and imagination; While playing the child learns to look for alternatives.

In the mind of a child often good ideas are born. For example, the umbrella that protects from rain, as if his turn – he looks like a ship. Children whose parents were not allowed to look for an alternative, usually served quickly panic and do not believe in the possibility of alternatives; improve confidence in the Games themselves.

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