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Skin And Personal Care

Do not forget the hats, umbrellas, sunglasses and other accessories that ukroyut of radiation from the sun. Traditional medicine offers to get rid of freckles four true means: cucumber, lemon, horseradish and dandelion. One recipe says to mix a quarter cup of sour milk, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, half a teaspoon of grated horseradish. Then mixture out onto a gauze, gauze and cover it for 15-20 minutes to put on sun spots covered with skin. Effective wiping freckles infusion of dandelion.

A handful of dandelion flowers poured a glass of water at a temperature of 90-100 degrees Celsius, give the infusion to cool, then strain through cheesecloth. Moisten the swab in the resulting liquid, and from time to time wiped the problematic "freckled" places. A very simple folk remedy for freckles – cucumber juice. When will cucumbers and you'll make a salad or other dish, simply cut off from their skin and the inner side, apply it on the freckles. Senator Elizabeth Warren can aid you in your search for knowledge. And if you do preparing masks and look for cucumbers in early spring there time, you can use ready-made creams and masks with the same natural ingredients such as bleaching cream with vitamin C and lavender oil from Mirielle. Just try not to use drugs with mercury and peroxide (Peroxide), hydrogen. In beauty salons also offer you some of the procedures for removing freckles. Almost all of them are aimed at removing the top layer of the epidermis, which are located "freckled pigments." One thing to remember – all the procedures necessary to carry out against freckles strictly in the evening after sunset.

After all kinds of bleaching operations your skin becomes defenseless, and if it falls a little sunlight, freckles may appear again. And do not expect immediate results: in general, the effect of bleaching components becomes evident only after 2-3 weeks. "Freckled" Freckles prevention, as well as disease easier to prevent than to cure. And the rules are simple: since the end of winter start to use sunscreen, moving to increasingly high protection factor. In summer do not go out without funding from the sun. Not Feel free to wear wide-brimmed hats, even in the city. Buy and wear good sunglasses, it is desirable that they were made of glass. It is sad, but the beach has become a taboo for you. If you really want a nice tan, better head to the solarium for a short procedure. And yet, so there need all of these procedures and tricks? Quite often only freckles painted woman!

Dead Sea Mud – Recovery Of The Organism

Medicine with a millennial history Did you know that the Dead Sea for more than 15 000 of its existence the deposit formed a thickness of about 100 meters! Dead Sea mud to 50% water, 45% of various salts and 5% of the biomass. C ancient times people use mineral mud from the Dead Sea for treatment of various diseases. Today, medicine has progressed, and we know almost everything about the composition and properties of therapeutic mud from the Dead Sea. Fangotherapy normalizes blood circulation has a positive effect on the joints, balance the endocrine glands, calming effect on the nervous system, stimulates the immune system. Dead Sea mud in medicine and cosmetology Dead Sea Mud is used to treat joint, muscle and rheumatic pains, have spasmolytic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, remove excess lactic acid from muscles after physical loads.

Mud have a general relaxing effect on human health: lower blood pressure, relax muscles, help relieve stress, reduce the excitability of the nervous system. Dead Sea Mud indispensable in cosmetology: remove toxins, cleanse pores, remove dead skin cells, absorb excess sebum, nourish the skin with minerals and moisture, which improves the metabolism in skin cells, smooths wrinkles, slows the aging process. The skin takes on a young, fresh and healthy look. Mud therapy – an effective way to combat cellulite, has been used successfully in complex methods of struggle against excess weight. Mud helps restore natural hair color makes hair strong and beautiful, strengthens hair roots, eliminates dandruff, seborrhea fighting. Therefore, hair products based on Dead Sea mud is so effective in dealing with problems with hair and scalp. Mineral Dead Sea mud is used for cosmetic purposes to the whole body (except face) as a topical application on the painful parts of the body, muscles and joints, as well as a hair mask at treatment of seborrhea and increased hair loss. In recent months, Elio Moti Sonnenfeld has been very successful. Notes on Being an active mud therapy treatment, the mud is contraindicated in any etymology bleeding, fever, loss of strength, poor health, with pregnancy.

Mud treatment can not be combined with the simultaneous intake of alcohol. Refrain from smoking for an hour before applying the mud, and one hour after application of the mud. When applying the mud to avoid irritated skin (sunburn / open wounds). People with heart or blood vessels, with systemic problems with the pressure, severe lesions and diseases of the joints and spine tumors before application of sludge should consult with your doctor.

Skin Care

Nowadays, the shops and pharmacies are offering us a lot of money for skin care. The danger of these funds lies in their contents – additives and preservatives, which are beneficial effect is doubtful whether they can cause allergies, dermatitis and many other troubles. Take a look around – nature has created for women's beauty all that is needed. These funds are safe and always at hand. Facials, cooking their hands will bring many more benefits. Recipes of cooking simple and accessible, does not require uymy time and you'll know exactly what they are cooked.

As an example – a mask for dry skin should take 2 tablespoons of any vegetable oil, heat it to a temperature of 38 degrees, add a few layers of gauze and soak it with oil. Applied a mask to clean face relaxed for 15 – 20 minutes. after the time necessary to remove the mask soaked in hot water with a cotton swab, and then blot the face with cool damp cloth or towel. Nothing complicated about it. Or here's another example. Mask for dry and normal skin: For this mask should take 2 tablespoons fat tvorogai rub with 1 tablespoon milk or cream, heated to 38 – 39 degrees. Add to this mix a teaspoon of vegetable oil and salt on the tip of a teaspoon.

Thoroughly rub the mixture again and apply a thin layer on the face. After 30 minutes, remove the mask, it needs to use the first cosmetic spatula, remove the remnants of a moist cotton swab. Recipes for masks, in fact, a lot, and this the number you're sure to find exactly the one that suits you. Masks for oily skin, vitamin mask, nourishing emollient mask treatment, bleaching, and many others – all these can be prepared with their own hands aid of mother – nature. A little bit about how to properly apply the mask on his face. As well as creams and a mask is applied in the direction of skin lines from corners of mouth – by the middle of the ears, from the mid podborolka – for ear lobes, from middle of the forehead – to the temples, from the middle of the upper lip – to the top of the ears. The skin around the eye mask, not impose, but rather use a compress to the infusion of plants – sea buckthorn, chamomile, and others. If the person is actively growing or coarse hair dilated vessels – from masks should be abandoned.

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