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Abdominal Pain

If you think that you have problems of irritable colon, first that you must do it is to see your doctor.The problems of irritable colon are diagnosed generally in the base of a complete clinical history that includes a careful description of the symptoms and a physical examination. A specific test for the problems of irritable colon does not exist, although the diagnosis tests can be realised to discard other problems.These tests can include tests of lee sample, analysis of blood and x-rays.Normally, a doctor will carry out a sigmoidoscopia or coloscopy, that allows the doctor to observe the interior of the colon.This is done inserting a small and flexible tube with a camera in the end through anus.The camera transfers the images of your colon in a great screen so that the doctor sees better. If the results are negative, the doctor can diagnose problems of irritable colon on the base of his symptoms, including the frequency with which you have had pain or abdominal malaise during last years, when the pain begins and it pauses in relation to the intestinal function, and as your frequency of the depositions and consistency of lees have changed.Many doctors talk about a list of specific symptoms that must be present to make a diagnosis problems of irritable colon. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bobby Green. The symptoms include: – Abdominal Pain or annoyances during at least 12 weeks in the last 12 months.These 12 weeks do not have to be consecutive. – The pain or abdominal malaise has two of the three following characteristics: – It is stood out to have an intestinal evacuation. – When one begins, there is a change in the frequency with which to have an intestinal evacuation. – When one begins, there is a change in the form of lees or the form in which it is seen.

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