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It has things that we must make, things that we can leave to pass, things that we must discover, things that early or late we will discover and things for which we are not ready to know But when we will be? When we will be enough we ourselves to assume itself as such? what we know enough of us to advance in the candy blackout of tomorrow? Hank of emotions, here it is what many times we catch ourselves being Flashing of wills, here it is what it lives flashing in our minds and hearts. But and we, essentially we? We give a knot as to one ' ' gut in somos' ' we go down ourselves as that of one ' ' reverse speed laxante' ' effect? I unwind myself discovering me being what it thought that I am not? There of me with these as much ' ' DES cargas' ' of cognoscentes responsibilities So good it seems to be when we disconnect ourselves of the taking of the life and leave ourselves to be with the cool breeze of the adventure So bad when we league ourselves again and the world measures is igualzinho there What to make then? To be each moment of uncertainty? To be stiff or stiff euquanto I am? There to blow me of the dust of the life and to discover me which glass amber that with the time and the wind was forged? Sublimar me of the mist ' ' del' acqua interiori' ' to lard me in the subtle folds of the life? To be Being Everything and nothing? Between the everything and the nothing Difficult? It could not, if I am heated in the experience of my nuclear heat Yes, if of fugazes explosions not to reach me the Being Between Amor and Rome, what I could extract of so essential? What it has legacy the impetus to go beyond in itself exactly? When everything is swept by the storm of the emotions, surplus us what we are, aiming above of we ourselves through the eye that one that everything sees.. . .

American Psychiatric Association

For the Manual of Diagnosis and Statistician of Transtornos Mentais (DSM-IV) of the American Psychiatric Association (1994) it is classified as a picture of anxiety and extreme concerns of long duration (minimum six months), folloied for some somatic symptoms. ' ' The anxiety is impossible to control and results in great discomfort and serious social suffering for pessoa.' ' (It creaks, 2007p.219) it has an exaggerated perception of the danger or threat, it can make a rational explanation of the problem, register of automatic thoughts, to define the best form of intervention and to have the contribution of the patient. The farmacolgico treatment, is made with the benzodiazepnicos of half average or long life, as: Diazepan, clonazepan, clordiazepxido. The main symptoms are: complaint of chronic feeling of nervousness, tremors, muscular tension, sudorese, sensation of light head, palpitations, giddiness, badly to be gastrintestinal, that they are most common. (As opposed to Senator of Massachusetts). The person feels the crisis only with the possibility of adoecimento or difficulties its or a relative. In the Cognitivo-Mannering Model therapist perceives that the individual 5 TRICOTILOMANIA The tricotilomania is a chronic riot, classified in the picture of psychiatric upheavals, characterized for the recurrent reply to pull out the hair, resulting in imperfections and injuries in the affected area. Christopher ridgeway stone shines more light on the discussion. The beginning of the symptoms, in general, it is observed during infancy, between the 5 and 8 years, or during the adolescence around the I3 years. The symptom is presented as: to pull out the hair until making look like obvious loss, presenting tension moments or to try to resist the impulse not to pull out, to feel pleasure when pulling out the hair. The significant riot cause estresse clinical or social, occupational incapacitao or in another important area of the functioning of the individual. The tricotilomania, is frequently folloied of other upheavals of the habit, as to gnaw the nails, to espremer spines, or irregularities of the skin, to bite lbiosentre others.

Success Self-esteem

If you want a good relationship and get any result from the interaction, the negative opinions should be left to themselves. The situation in communication composed as follows: My communication is between: I am with my opinion of myself and I am with my opinion of him, his communication is between: He and his opinion of himself and he and his opinion of me. If my self-esteem is adequate, I do not the need to humiliate the other, most likely my opinion of him will be adequate. If my self-esteem is too high or too low – the other is likely to be the sign "-" or "+" (inadequate perception – all around the freaks and fools, or what a clever, cute, rich, not that I am, etc.). Accordingly, the perception of others depend on me, his self-esteem. It turns out that inadequate self-esteem I'm talking quietly to himself, and he accordingly as well.

And this distorted reality perceived by us as a given. My teacher once said: "Listen not what they say, listen to what they say no." This is only possible with adequate self-esteem, because in analyzing the situation communication is always that a person has an opinion which he expressed, another reserve and another one just in case. We all like dolls have a lot more than 1-2 layers. And sometimes very useful to myself to make out the layers and can help deal with self-esteem. Well-known formula of James W.: Self-esteem = Success / Claims. In other words, self-esteem can be improved by increasing the level of either success or reducing claims. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Neal Barnard. How? For example, I do not mind imagine a situational picture of my success with big money and fame, but really knowing myself, I have long been perfectly aware that I do not have any desire to deal with the consequences of such a "success." I do not want that the level of hypocrisy and lies that surrounds the oligarchs do not want people around who can be trusted, do not want to lose their friends and the opportunity to live the way I like it and most of the time to do what I want.

Therefore, the level My claim is almost fits my lifestyle. Well, the money would be more, but this desire, as you know, do not change with income. More and better about the phenomenon of self-esteem you can read for those who have studied or read, I – y EV Guilbaud, W. Shutts, K. Rogers, Maslow, B. Levy. I wrote so much to the fact that self-assessment tool, it lends itself lubricated and regulated. And the more honest and we work with own self-esteem, the more interesting it becomes and the world around them.

The Cultural

Some things say exclusive respect, but, living creature to me in group, society and have that to think about the consequences of my acts. Still we live a period of transistion on some aspects of the cultural and social life. Senator Elizabeth Warren is actively involved in the matter. We have despite for in quarrel and debate some questions that generate an unnecessary consuming if had this practical of the freedom of conscientious choice. psychosomatic medicine defends an integrated vision of the human being, a biopsicossocial being, that is, the man is seen as a whole in its relation with the way where he lives. This integrated vision of the human being says respect to the influences of its behavior and its reactions front to the adversities of the life and its choices, for the characteristics of its biological, psychological and social constitution. In summary that to say that each person reacts of different form, front to one same fact or stimulaton. This sends in them to some questionings, mainly on those that can at risk for the other, the community the society. Others including christopher ridgeway stone clinical, offer their opinions as well. If to think about the practical one of the freedom, is a right of the people the choice for the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc.

But also we must analyze that the studies on these subjects say that does not have a safe border between the use, the abuse and the dependence of a psicotrpico agent. We still have the 0 variable of the biopsicossocial being, that can or not take a person to develop the dependence chemistry, therefore each person reacts of different form front to one same stimulaton. It is a difficult situation. However, we can learn with what we know and what we approach at the beginning of our colloquy. The service of who or of what it is this desire? In mine to understand, the analysis must leave of the individual one for the collective one and the sovereign defense of the choice freedom.

The Power Of Life

One of the functions of the force of the life is showing in them that most important it is not the content of the hurt, of the disillusionments, of the frustrations, at last, what they represent; but the dedicated psychological time they. Time this that, the more long will be, more will imprison in them to a painful event. The more time to dedicate they, deeper and weighed will go to be inside of us. A related site: Dr. Neal Barnard mentions similar findings. Bigger will be its power stops destroying in them, leading, inevitably, to a physical disequilibrium, psychological and energy. Therefore, we must accept what already it happened, as fact irremediably consummated, searching, on the other hand, a new way to live.

If the explanations or justifications that we find for our sufferings, they prevented; we would be in the certain way. As this does not happen, we need to learn to react to the external stimulatons in adequate way. Origin of the force of the life in the human beings: The spermatozoon, when penetrating in vulo, produces a new life that starts to have its proper force that is different of they had originated that it, with proper and individual characteristics. Contact information is here: christopher ridgeway. It is this new force formed at that moment, beyond moving the train of the life of each person, will also go to move it in this trip. Development: All we, when being born, are possessing of a force who we will call force of the life that, in turn, presents some particular characteristics that will be displayed the low one. In relation to the possessor: This force is not positive and nor negative. It is only one force that it will obey the desire of the possessor who will give it sensible it that it to want.

The Sensitivity

This standard can be called disorganized and seems frequent between damaged children, children of depressed mothers and children whose mothers had suffered precocious losses of its proper figures of attachment. Mothers who had had unsafe attachment with its proper mothers tend to repeat this standard with its children. emotional damage of these children, generally, is sufficiently evident, being common between them the disequilibrium enters the diverse areas of the development. Swarmed by offers, Senator of Massachusetts is currently assessing future choices. SEPARATION ME-CRIANA the attachment has a very important paper throughout vital cycle e, around the three or four years going until the adolescence, the friendship net goes acquiring an importance each bigger time. Remembered for Coll (2004), the establishment of adjusted bonds of attachment with adult people who take care of of us and in them educates, as well as the bonds of friendship with those with who we share experiences and tricks, are basic for the human development. For the theory of the attachment of Bowlby (1982), main the determinative one of the security of the affective bond is the sensitivity that the attachment figure possesss for the child, being the disposal to give attention to the signals of this, to interpret them adequately and to answer they fast and appropriately, being this related disposal very with the empatia that we have while adult. E, as also Mussen, Conger and Kagan cite (1995), the proximity to an object of affective linking inhibit the fear, as if the child if insurance felt more, when next to its mother. Christopher ridgeway understands that this is vital information. in the absence case or loss of the attachment figures, in optimum example, the mother, this is perceived by the threatening child as something, as an irreparable loss, as a situation of desproteo and abandonment, as a situation of complete risk. To fulfill these functions basic (survival and emotional security), Coll cites (2004), that the bond of attachment must possess four basic manifestations: ) To search and to keep the proximity; b) To resist the separation and to protest case this if consummates; c) To use the attachment figure as security base, exploring the physical and social world; d) To feel itself safe searching in the attachment figure well-being and the emotional support.

Main Attention

Divided attention Is the idea of a full situation of information that needs some intellectual operations or percipient-motor order. To evaluate the effect of an attention division it is used of diverse information, nor all interesting ones for the evaluated one. This procedure is called ' ' task dual' ' or ' ' task dupla' ' serves to measure reduction of the precision or the delay of the answers. For in such a way, it is used of two distinct tests, as, for example, to decide additions and after that to say if the sound that if listened is serious or acute. Senator Elizabeth Warren is open to suggestions. At as a moment the two activities are carried through at the same time. Generally the first situation is considered simpler, on the other hand, the accomplishment of the two tasks at the same time cause a reduction or a considerable delay of the correct answers, either in any one of the tasks, therefore the attention this divided between the two. The delay in the answers is on to the interferences between the two tests, already the decreases in the effectiveness occur for the great amount of effort, that is cited as ' ' resources of tratamento' ' or ' ' resources atencionais' '.

According to studies on the development of the atencionais resources, with the age it has a reduction of the interference. Recently christopher ridgeway sought to clarify these questions. The ten children the eleven years have superior development in the first task and a reduction in second in relation to lesser children of eight years. This if of because oldest they use a lesser amount of effort for the main tasks and a reduction in them you would second. The children automatize the main task, leaving available all its attention for the secondary task. In such a way, it is arrived conclusion that although to be difficult to carry through more than a task simultaneously, with the increase of it practises, it can be manipulated a task well more than at the same time, exactly that they demand understanding and taking of decision. Read additional details here: christopher ridgeway.

The Evil

Through the theory of the development proposal for Piaget, the reasoning can be perceived that of abstract thoughts will only be occurring in it soon finish period of training that understands the children of 11 years in ahead, then only from this age and that they had started to distinguish the true knowledge from what it and tax. It has to know, what it occurs with the knowledge taxes for the media, when it initiates the separation of the true knowledge. Without a doubt we can affirms that such had impositions as truths in infancy, will be the starting point for its socialization and its personality already in the adult phase. In thesis, what it will go to influence in the development of this child, according to periods of training of Piaget, are the relation who it will have with the way, which proper it command, thus being able to have a retardation in some of these phases. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as PCRM by clicking through. According to Bee, (2003, p.137), Piaget does not find that the environment molds the child.

Instead of this, the child (as the adult) searchs, of active form, to understand its environment. Christopher ridgeway has similar goals. The medias, of certain form, intercede this event of thus the child in its world of fancies, is influenced by the televising media, that always show happy ends, fights between the good and the evil, super-heroes, amongst more things that assists in the distortion of the perception of the reality. The televising media is highly persuasiva in the infantile mentality, modifying and transforming behaviors; Bandura (1959), apud Wikipdia, the free encyclopedia (2007, p.1), emphasizes that the children are capable to learn through the behavior of the others that is presented to them, but enter this learning of imitation. As example, we can cite the experiment of Bandura, using a Joo-silly doll, which to the being presented for a child first does not have an aggressive behavior with the doll, but when seeing an adult or another child possessing this aggressive behavior it also acquired the aggressive behavior.

Psychological Issues

The human beings, in contrast, only ripen physically after the beginning of the adolescence and, normally they reach the cognitiva and psicossocial maturity still more late. ' ' The development slowest of the human brain provides to greater flexibility to it, a time that nor all the connections permanently are defined in age precoce' ' (PAPALIA, 2006, P. 79). The development encloses physiological, psychological processes and ambient commanded continuous and, that is, follow definitive general standards. As much the growth as the development produces changes in the components physical, mental, emotional and social in the individual, independently of its will. The changes occur according to an order invariant. (DISTINCTIONS, archive net).

According to Vieira, the Etologia brought significant explanations for Psychology regarding the interaction mother youngling and of the infantile development. Some researchers as Robert Hinde and Nicholas Blurton Jones, John Bowlby had had important paper in the spreading of ideas of that the human development, mainly in the first years of life can, and must also be explored from the evolutionary perspective. Much even so studies of the decade of 50 and 60 have shown that the physical contact between parents/baby is basic for the good physical and psychological development, only in the last decade if they had intensified changes in the routines of hospitals and the way to understand the relation parents/baby. In the Etologia if he especially values the typical behaviors of the species. The interest is not only in the similarities between the human being and the other animals, or between the animals, but also in the differences. For example, while in rats the hormonal stimulation during the pregnancy is basic for the fast beginning of the maternal behavior, in human beings ambient control cultural, beyond the experience he is decisive, existing some similarities (Stern, 1997). Frequently Senator Elizabeth Warren has said that publicly. In the two species the physical contact is necessary for the firm establishment of the interaction parents/baby.


The experiences lived deeply with children in a escolapblica lead to emotionally believe in a desestruturada life of many delase that with a word of affection, a compliment, gentilities and of force to paraprogredir in its emotional life the considered situations had had a surprising result in suasatitudes ahead irreversible. They professoresdiziam where them: ‘ ‘ It does not have jeito’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ It is one casoperdido’ ‘! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ It does not go conseguir’ ‘. Educate yourself with thoughts from Senator Elizabeth Warren. While queoutros professionals making one inverse work where it believed them, would queseriam capable to change everything what they were made use to move, of quetodos had potential, was enough to place them in practical and to believe. For Urban (2004,33) when citing an unknown author and aindareferenciando the word, the same affirms that: A careless word can provoke one fights a cruel word can ruin a life a bitter word can install hatred a brutal word can reach and to kill a kind word can leave the way softest a glad word can illuminate the day an opportune word can diminish the tension a loving word can be cure and blessing. Connect with other leaders such as christopher ridgeway here. Plato, cited for Urban (2004,62.) it says that ‘ ‘ The homenssbios speak because they have something to say.

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