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It turns out that sex is not only not interfere, but rather to help learning. Intense, within reason, sex life or simply sex, helps students to take tests, exams, get excellent grades. By this, seemingly paradoxical conclusion was a social scientist Werner Hambel from the University of Hamburg (Germany). Under his wise leadership, a team of researchers interviewed and surveyed about hundreds of students before and after sex. Interestingly, the survey results after sex (and scientists primarily interested in indicators characterizing the state of memory and intelligence) were much higher than the results before sex. In addition, Polls showed that those students who abstained from sex, it was difficult to achieve good results at school than their peers. Researchers believe the favorable effect of sex is associated with stimulation of the nervous system, due to release during sex specific hormones (primarily adrenaline and cortisol). In addition, according to specialists, this effect can be used in medical practice for purposes unrelated to sex as such. Proceeding from this we can conclude that sex and sport will benefit not only students.


Now, any babe will be mine. Now I'll show them all, all of Katya, Masha and Svetik, who ignored me in school and college. For every romantic date, I have them, as it pleases, but if you do not like it – went out of sight, out on the beach of pupae is full of, in my eyelids with excess suffice. However, as glad to see the couples who once crossed on his path of life, somewhere in the beginning, which was not yet fashionable car, a three-storey house in the village and other prichindalov chocolate life, and, despite the absence of all this luxury, converged so that were able to overcome all of life's vicissitudes and together moved to the desired life. Unfortunately, few such pairs, and only a few of them can even years to decide again on a memorable romantic date, as if for shoulders do not have all these endless overcoming thorns, and the feelings are still fresh as it once when both were under the motto of finding a soul mate. And the majority of this is far from smooth and not smooth the road toward easily fulfill their conjugal duties becomes a luxury. And then there comes a time when the rift in our relationship is so great that we did not find features like would not want strengthen our family. And anniversaries and other significant events in our lives is no longer in the original arrange a romantic . We restrict the formal gifts, unless, of course, remember about the time these important dates in our lives.

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