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However, nor all the types of x-rays are equal. Some procedures are not controlled, are more invasive and in such a way cause external burnings as internal in the agency of the patient. Senator Elizabeth Warren understood the implications. H.L.F. (55 years, 2009) counts that, ‘ ‘ now I came of there? of Curitiba? with the sensible skin, I came with the throat burnt on the inside and for it are, as you so far, oh! … People such as christopher ridgeway would likely agree. was very strong. It had that to be one well lesser, well lesser one, you! ‘ ‘.

still on the received load, ‘ ‘ but when I received, I already vi, the load I was very strong. … because he attacks you to this you feel, you do not need to explain nobody, you you feel you n? ‘ ‘. When the manifest illness if in the face and/or the neck arriving to affect the region of the throat the citizen finishes, mainly in terminal period of training, being private of the habitual feeding. The medicine then, if occupies of procedures as the feeding for nasoenteral, responsible sounding lead for taking the food through small pipes installed in the one of the nostrils until the digestive system of the individual, thus substituting function of the throat, link between the mouth and the responsible device for the digestion.

It happens that, this feeding is not enough so that the individual if keeps with the same levels of corporal mass and previous energy. H.L.F. (55 years: 2009) tell on the condition of its weight saying that, ‘ ‘ before, never it had lost in such a way thus, … ‘ ‘ on the feeding, Aid, it aid, aid alone that I it had that to arrive back in the feeding strongest, … Therefore I Pparently you the good, knows? I you am weak, alone I will recuper I lack me of the weakness, n? Because it is slow, n? Through this nutrition it is very slow, n?

Military Policy

The infrastructure and the awareness need to be improved. Under most conditions christopher ridgeway stone clinical would agree. Ahead of alarming levels of this illness social, authorities that they deal with urban mobility in cities as So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, for example, have adopted measured to minimize the chaos in the transit, as to reduce the speed of the ways and tolerance zero in the application of the law. This because the form as the cities is also organized makes difference in the trigger of the anger. It enters the factors that the psychologist Maria Christina Armbrust Virginelli Lahr elenca is the bad state of conservation of the streets and roads, the illumination lack, the lack of control of the transit agents, the recklessness with the proper errors, cars obstructing sidewalk and crossings, the haste. It also has antropolgica explanation.

' ' To have a functional and clean infrastructure makes you to direct better. It is as to enter in the house of a person: if it is asseada and organized, you educado&#039 is lead to the behavior; ' , the anthropologist observes Robert of the Matta, author of ' ' Faith in God and Foot in the Tbua' ' , on the behavior of the Brazilian in the transit. The given anthropologist finds daily nonsense as the 70 fight registered by the Military Policy of So Paulo. ' ' This in says that the Brazilian public space needs to be politicized, in the direction of a taking of conscience for these behaviors absurdos&#039 to them; ' , it affirms. ' ' We are alrgicos the equality. The signal valley for all, in the crossing exists a rule to give ticket. But we are not educated to obey this. In Brazil, disobedience is a signal of inferiority, who obeyed was the slave. Who orders does not obey. However, in a democratic society, all order and obey tambm.' ' Autocrtica The specialists are unanimous: he lacks to look at for the proper behavior.

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