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Construction Country House

Step 1. Site Selection The site for the construction of a country lady (cottage) can be obtained in two ways: through the administration area or in the secondary market by the owner, who wanted to sell his land. The first option extremely complex and not predictable, decision-making in state institutions is very long and illogical, as the future owner will have to take what will, provided that all free sites are available. If you would like to know more about patrick smith, then click here. However, if you do not spend money on bribes, the site can you get by much cheaper than buying on the secondary market. The second method assumes that you have a tidy sum of money (we are talking about areas in the prestigious areas), and you are ready to spend on site acquisition through a real estate agency. In this case, will have to pay the agency. Rate a complex plot dignity layman difficult agent to the countryside Real Estate on the nature of their work is interested in increasing prices and the realization of what is available (especially when you consider that the land market in prime locations is always a big deficit), so when choosing land except in the suburban real estate agent is desirable presence of the architect, particularly for areas with large differences of heights, construction on which is almost always more expensive than on flat areas.

When choosing a site need to understand how big you want to have a plot. Plot sizes are directly related to the size of the future house and is like the extreme values of the density of buildings on the site, which provide comfortable conditions for life. For country houses (cottages) with a total area of 200 to 300 m2 (average size for these days) is required portion of 12 acres (1200 m2) and a built-up area of the building to 150-200 m2, that is very desirable cottage choose or design a relatively compact.

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