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We are talking about a part of teams in action projects with drug addicts, prostitutes, ethnic minorities, immigrants, etc. through programmes for methadone, decreased damage, social incorporation, hygiene and health, social guarantee, now insist on the role of the street education as a necessary tool in the educational intervention with all these groups. The street educators are, frequently, the only adult people? significant? young people and other groups may target when they encounter problems, situations and difficult conflicts. It is true that each day new street educators are incorporated into the management teams (city councils, municipalities, etc.), but it should be noted that private initiative still have difficulties to do with these professionals, who end up being the last link in the list of engagements. In some associations have disappeared or reduced educators by not having the supports via subsidy, even if they did have the necessary social support. Resource who created the Administration, for example for young people, still lack staff capable of serving the entire population at risk in a structured way and with permanence in time. Sometimes aims to tackle the problem with specific actions, and to different manifestations of the same, new programs are announced.

Does this happens in the case of the so-called? bottle?, to which have arisen countless initiatives in all cities, more for reasons of public order that health, social promotion, or actions aimed at comprehensive prevention with the participation of the entire community. Something simi-lar begins to occur with the problems generated by immigration. The street educator – or educator in the Middle opened and began to call in France, unlike other professionals, comes to the own environment where are recipients of programs, does that open means your usual place of work, creates individual and group relationships, approaching those that never use resources, it serves as reference to someIt optimizes the whole community public or private device, responds to the specific principle of educating us on the street and serves as a complement to the work of other technicians.

Health Problems

Irritable colon problems are a combination of signs and symptoms. She has still not been demonstrated that irritable colon problems will lead to a serious illness, including cancer. Through the years, this disease has been called by many names, including colitis, mucous colitis, spastic bowel or spastic colon.However, no relationship has been established between this and inflammatory bowel such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis disease. Below will describe some points to keep in mind about the problems of irritable colon:-is a disorder that interferes with the normal functions of the colon.The symptoms are cramping abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. -Is a common disorder that is found more often in women than in men. -People with problems from irritable are two points that are more sensitive and reactive to things that don’t bother other people, such as stress, copious meals, gas, the medications, certain foods, caffeine, or alcohol. -It is diagnosed by their signs and symptoms and the absence of other diseases. -The majority of people can control their symptoms taking medications such as laxatives, antidiarrheal, antispasmodic and antidepressant medications, reduce stress, and change your diet. -Irritable problems do not damage the intestines and it does not lead to cancer.They are not related to Crohn’s disease or with ulcerative colitis. Related articles: irritable colon problems and dietary prevention of problems from irritable that causes irritable original author and source of the article problems

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