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Entry System ABI

By the eye-catching Tower elements, the advertising message with EX POMADE is visible from afar on 16. And September 17, 2011 the graduate fair held entry ABI in the Messe Berlin. At Dr. John Mcdougall you will find additional information. 22,000 visitors who can learn from over 300 exhibitors on study and training opportunities are expected. In addition, there should be a framework programme still on four stages. The ABI is an important fair in the area of the promotion of young scientists, especially in today’s was of talent. Of course essential here an appealing presentation and increases the chance for interesting contacts and good talent. To be in this fight”as best as possible, a more attractive trade show booth, generated much attention, is essential.

The EX POMADE trade fair systems guarantee just this attention and a perfect presentation of the company. Through the outstanding elements of the Tower, the advertising message or, alternatively visible is the company logo from a distance. For assistance, try visiting Josyann Abisaab. Since the image disturb no annoying flat carrier or pillars, creates an inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, the presentation surface impresses by a uniform, consistent image. To increase this effect the system can also be combined with a banner, which is stretched in front of the wall of the exhibition and the advertising message a one complete shows consistent motif. But the EX POMADE trade fair system not only visually is a highlight, it is also efficient and practical. The high tower elements are not only impressive, but can act as a storage cabin.

So Gimmics, can here give-aways and other advertising material be kept, which are easily accessible and visible yet for the visitors. The system for every occasion can be fitted optimally possible customization and extension. This brings also considerable economic benefits, since the system for more measurement and / or promotions can be used and is still always perfectly positioned. Interesting combinations can be made, for example, with racks or shelves. In addition, that is ensured by the high mobility and the lightweight construction, which is possible without stand Builder, a simple planning. This provides a cost advantage. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT EX POMADE is a Distributor and offers several combination products, so is the ideal partner in the trade fair and event business. Here, the entire solution from a single source, comes what significantly simplifies the communication effort and the processing for the customers. For more information, see booths/expomade.html

Michael Hoffmann Director

LR distributors benefit also from a fair and clear compensation system as well as the option of double income source through sales on the one hand and on the other hand one dough requested care. It’s believed that Senator of Massachusetts sees a great future in this idea. The direct sales as a good alternative to the uncertain labour market in light of current labour market is also job security for many people no less important point. LR health & beauty systems, with Dr. Jens evening in leadership position, have a strong partner in direct selling active. “Since its founding, the company on course for success is: we invest and expand our strategic position in Germany and on the international markets – sustained, focused and substantial”, says the CEO of LR health & beauty system Jens tonight. The direct marketing at LR health & beauty systems offers every best prospects who want to become self-employed in this business field. The recommendation of the General Manager of LR is Dr. Jens evening for this reason: who in the Professional direct sales in the cosmetics and health looking for reputable and sustainable entry and advancement, which should deal with the concept of LR health & beauty system”.

Press contact Michael Hoffmann Director corporate communications LR health & beauty Systems GmbH Krupp-str. What is fracking will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 55 D-59227 Ahlen phone + 49 (0) 2382 7060-106 fax + 49 (0) 7060-179 2382 email corporate information that is LR health & beauty Systems GmbH one of the largest direct selling companies in Germany in the field of health and beauty products and represented in 32 countries. With around 1,000 employees and about 300,000 independent sales partners, the company is one of the leading sector sizes. The pillars of its success products with German quality standard, a unique car concept, a professional training and service program for distributors, a fairer and more transparent marketing plan and working with celebrities such as Bruce Willis include Klum the desperate, Heidi, Housewives”, Boris Becker, Michael Schumacher and Marcus Schenkenberg. More information is available under. 2006, the Executive Board of the LR health & beauty system was transferred Dr. Jens evening.

First, he took over the responsibility for the sales as CSO worldwide, in April 2007 Dr. Jens evening was appointed then holding and GmbH CEO of LR. In addition, Dr. Jens evening CEO of LR is GLOBAL KIDS FUND and a member of the BDD (Bundesverband direct sales in Germany) and the German Economic Council.

Simon Stadler

Four energy start-ups and a goal: together the energy market change the world with energy change, this is a Community task, are the three Polaris founder Jakob Assmann, Florian Henle and Simon Stadler. Together with their customers, their supporters and ambassadors such as for example the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander and in cooperation with other energy start-ups, they want to shape the energy future. “Markus Schulz of the start-up changers highlights: If we want to stop the climate change, we must work together.” “And he adds: the awareness in the management of resources is for the successful fight against climate change in the minds of all people indispensable energy.” Leopold von Bismarck, CEO (CMO) by tado, confirmed: collaborations and partnerships with like-minded people Companies, which products super complement each other, are very important for us to reach as many people as possible and to promote the energy transition.” Polarstern Polaris than does first energy supplier in Germany applies for each customer, the 100 percent green electricity or 100 percent eco gas, a family in a developing country, also to switch to alternative energy. This means that the families receive help in building an own micro biogas plant, powered by human and animal faeces there. The commitment of Polaris and its customers leads directly to a higher standard of living, reducing dirt and diseases. Above all, it is also an important contribution to the necessary global energy revolution. Because”, so repeated Florian Henle, co-founder of Polaris like again and again: climate and environment know no bounds. The energy transition can work ultimately only worldwide.” Changer changer enables anyone to produce even renewable electricity and thus its mobile information and Telecommunication appliances to provide. Business core is a scarce 100 gram lightweight solar module called Maroshi”and a wallet-sized battery, called Kalhuohfummi”. The device produces 4 watts of electricity per hour and makes it possible to communicate status updates about the amount of specially generated solar electricity directly through social networks.

BBW Study Economic Factor

BBW study economic factor (from) life 2013: business with the demise of the cloak of silence is covered mostly religiously. While billions of euros implemented in this business year. BBW marketing has now conducted a representative population survey of 1,000 people on this topic as well as interviews of decision-makers in funeral services in cooperation with Nelson. The results were recorded in a comprehensive study. More than half of respondents (58 percent) believes that the society too little dealing with the topic. This means that a far-reaching lack of communication within the society faced with the concrete, individual experiences of individual people. Therefore the social debate on the subject of dying and death, in which those in charge of policy, health system and the general population involved is necessary.

On the other hand, death only for a minority (17%) is a taboo subject, you hate talks about that. But taboo subject to and Taboo here, dying is a business which involves billion sales. About 870,000 people died last year in Germany. And rising, thanks to demographic change each year almost 1 million people are likely to be buried in 10 years. And the list of groups and institutions which benefit from the demise of the people is long. It starts already at the private survivor’s pension, extends to real estate agents about the funeral industry. Last year, the life insurance achieved according GDV post revenues of 84.1 billion euros of which at least two-thirds on insurance accounted according to his own calculations using death protection.

Take advantage of the (AB) lives of its citizens but also the municipalities and provinces. The cemetery fees rising seemingly inexorably. The source of income inheritance tax is bubbling vigorously without any politically-motivated increases from currently 4.3 billion euros to around 5 billion euros per year by 2020. The heritage amounts are not only saved by the heirs, but about 80 Billions of euros annually at the disposition. But not for all participants of the market”, the prospects are good. The funeral industry has to contend with the cheaper cremations. Currently, whose share is 51 percent. Five years ago the industry still a turnover of EUR 2 billion, last year, there were still good 1.7 billion euros the bbw market study according to. Overall bbw marketing estimated the funeral market with gastronomy and others at 5.2 billion, the survivor’s market 4.9 billion and the heritage market on whopping 238 billion. The bbw analysis economic factor (from) life 2013 with the almost 300 pages for the first time engaged in this not so commonly discussed topic. This study can be obtained at: bbw marketing Dr. Vossen & partner, Liebig Street 23, D-41464 Neuss, phone: 02131.2989722, fax: 02131.2989721, e-mail:. For more information about the financial studies see:.

Northern Italy Walter Meyer

In addition to the countries of the European Union, also third-party States such as the Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Norway are supplied; the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and – since recently Italy – even free of charge. Through the free shipping to Italy we hope Italy further revenue growth specifically by speaking. Since we have already successfully established ourselves as a major online supplier of printed matter in Austria, it was obvious to offer our free shipping service in the border Italy “, GmbH. especially in the segments of the economy are tourism and industry, which represented just in Northern Italy Walter Meyer, Managing Director of the online printers and which have a disproportionate demand for printed matter, we expect a significant increase in our already short term Sales to Italy “, so Meyer next. Connect with other leaders such as Senator Elizabeth Warren here. Advertising systems for presentations and trade fairs are also available since recently online! Cost effective advertising systems in individual editions are no longer missing in the extensive range of In the shop, the customer will find roll-ups and L displays, which are particularly suitable for presentations in a small space, as well as more than two meters large, attention-grabbing banners for trade fairs and stalls. As a feature of the category advertising systems are an absolute eye-catcher and the guarantee of a convincing performance at the POS (point of sale) offered up to two meters wide, laminated on cardboard and contour-cut figure stand. The figure stands can be ordered already a circulation of a copy and can be ordered online in this way currently only under. Printed flags on special flag fabric are offered for outdoor use. Here are various forms and formats, such as Dropflags (flags in the form of drops) or Squareflags (flag with rounded corner) in Formats up to 4.6 metres to choose.

KoTTER Specialised Staff Service Is Growing At The Site Of Paderborn

Branch presented new premises at customer event / range from temporary work up project management / partner Paderborn benefit from system solutions – Kal specialised staff service continues to expand its involvement at the site of Paderborn. In the framework of a customer event, which yesterday many invited guests had appeared afternoon, the branch of Paderborn was its new premises on the Hoppenhof 32 “before. Reason for the move from the previous site to the Atlas plant 2 “is the positive development of the branch, which necessitated an expansion of capacity. The company wants to continue this growth. PCRM is full of insight into the issues. As branch manager Gunter Otto expects an even more intense care of existing customers and potential new customers on the spot from the new site and the increased efficiency of associated”.

The branch has been present since about eight years at the site of Paderborn. The performance spectrum ranges from temporary work for industrial and commercial professions about the recruitment to the complete project management. The company operates for virtually all sectors of the economy. Thus he offers service providers specific solutions which are tailored to individual customer needs such as in the area of trade and industry. Customers from KAKU services also benefit from the system solutions with security and cleaning services, which provides the company with the other divisions, security and cleaning. The comprehensive across 50 sites branch network allows nationwide perform these services.

Marketing Director Carl Cohen

Steven A. Rudnitsky changes Dolce MONTVALE by Wyndham Hotels as new President and CEO to Dolce hotels and resorts / working closely with Chairman Andy, the meeting specialist recast NEW JERSEY (November 18, 2008) as part of its international growth strategy and the current rebrandings Dolce hotels and Resorts group Tip: Steven A. Rudnitsky moves after more than six years as President and CEO of the publicly traded Wyndham Hotel Group (Parsippany/United States) in the same function to the Dolce group. For more information see this site: PCRM. He assumes his Office on December 8, 2008 by Andy Dolce, who also acts as Chairman of the Board at the company’s headquarters in Montvale. Rudnitskys focus is the target announced earlier by Dolce portfolio double in the next five years. Currently the Group international with 23 hotels, resorts and Conference centers is present (six) in Europe. In addition he is seeking a greater allocation in the social and leisure segment.

The expansion plans are carried by Broadreach capital partners Since 2007 majority shareholder of Dolce and other investors. In addition to the strategic direction of the company, Rudnitsky is responsible for the coordination of all departments of the group. In close coordination with Andy Dolce referring sites new and further development of existing should be promoted here. Rudnitsky is supported in the management by Steve Giblin, Chief Operating Officer, Debra Bates, chief financial and development officer, as well as sales and Marketing Director Carl Cohen. In the first 100 days, the new man at the top of the Dolce also wants in as many international destinations to develop personal contacts with the employees. Andy Dolce: \”Steven is an industry veteran with a career of over 30 years and proven CEO skills. His experience in the hospitality industry, his understanding of brand and a human culture, but also its ability the value Outlook of a company in good and bad times to maximize, are outstanding.

Press Media Healthy Medicine

Ma II 2011: healthy medicine among the top-10 car in the current investigation of the range numbers, ma II 2011 press media, got healthy medicine once again on a top spot. For two years already in the top 50 of the public media is one of healthy medicine in this analysis wave even the top 10 runners-up: an increase of 13.6 per cent range indicates that the magazine and marketing concept is ideal for the target group. “” The percentage increase makes healthy medicine the number three at the range winners after the time “and the oko-Test magazine”. The absolute gain of 190,000 readers who are interested in health in all areas of life, healthy medicine gave the 8th place among the top-10 car, ahead of the already high-reach rtv. With these results the conceptual orientation of editors Christoph bludgeon and editor-in-Chief Nicole Franke-Gricksch is impressively confirmed. And obviously also provides for media planners in difficult times an effective advertising environment. Healthy medicine offers monthly journalist demanding contributions to Health and medicine topics, and entertaining articles about interesting people and charming destinations. The reader Forum offers a lively way to introduce own health knowledge with the test Club and the expert Club.

The PACs GmbH publishing house in Staufen covers the tourist cultural as well as the medical and pharmaceutical area with own publications. In addition, the service range includes numerous companies customer magazines and communication instruments on behalf of customers. The editors and staff are both familiar with the target audience, as well as with the specific requirements of the media for professionals.

Asia Packaging

So the global capacity is increased up to around 700,000 tonnes by 2020″, predicts Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana. Over 90% of this capacity will be recreated in Asia-Pacific. Packaging industry the most important sales market is particularly pronounced the polystyrene insert in the packaging industry, especially in the field of food packaging. But also in cases of monitors, TVs, printers and other electrical appliances and consumer products, polystyrene is processed like. The individual areas of application will develop relatively simultaneously in the next eight years. For applications in electrical & electronics expect Ceresana’s experts at 2.8% per year of the strongest growth rates, followed closely by the packaging industry. So about one-third of global demand for PS is accounted the electrical & electronics sector in 2020.

The study in the near future: Chapter 1 offers a complete presentation and analysis of the global market of PS. In addition to the sales trend consumption and production discusses in-depth. In addition, the existing and future capacity are considered. The report gives a comprehensive view on the developments of in individual countries and regions, as well as in the global market dynamics. In Chapter 2, the main 20 countries are considered separately: represented are consumption, sales, production, trade of polystyrene, as well as the current and future capacity.

Consumption of polystyrene is divided into the areas of packaging, electrical & electronics, as well as other areas of application in detail. Chapter 3: The applications of polystyrene, such as food packaging, as well as all other applications will be thoroughly analyzed: data development, divided into the regions of Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, as well as consumption of main countries in each region. Chapter 4 provides a useful Manufacturer directory profiles of producers, clearly classified according to contact information, sales, profits, product range, production facilities, short profile, product-specific information and current and planned capacity per site. Detailed profiles are supplied, E.g. Styrolution Group GmbH, total SA, Styron LLC, Americas Styrenics LLC and Formosa by 52 manufacturers Plastics Group. de/market studies/plastics/polystyrene of Ceresana Ceresana is a leading international market research and consulting firm for the industry with branches in Konstanz, Vienna and Hong Kong. For over 10 years, the company supplies several 1,000 satisfied customers in 55 countries with up-to-date market knowledge. Comprehensive understanding of the market creates new prospects for strategic and operational decisions. Ceresanas clients benefit from implementation-oriented advice, tailor-made commissioned studies and about 40 multi-client market studies. The analysts of Ceresana are specialized in the following markets: chemicals,. Plastics, additives, raw materials, industrial goods, consumer goods, packaging and building materials.

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