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Overweight Issues

Any person suffering from being overweight raises the question of how many meals a day should a person? The answer to this question gives the theory of a balanced diet, it comes from the fact that the need for food – energy source and building material needed for growth and constant renewal of body cells – defined by age, gender rights, the nature of work, climatic conditions of his residence. Credit: Dr. John Mcdougall-2011. C food a person needs to get a day as much energy as it consumes, but not anymore. And if you continually overeat, develop obesity with all its consequences: diabetes, atherosclerosis, hepatic dysfunction and other diseases. It may be noted that it is now hard to find people who, like Gogol's Old World Landowners see the main purpose of his life in food. But now there is a lot of fans abundant, excessive fatty food. A leading source for info: Justin Gaethje. And observations show that obesity is caused by overeating, is very common.

Among people aged 18 to 80 years, 50 percent are overweight, and half of them obese regarded as a disease. So there is a "health" does not mean there are many. Of course, in no way, should not go to the other extreme: to starve, systematically underfed. This is also fraught with dangers. In a word, food need a reasonable measure. Body needs all nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts. Extracted from the product under the influence of digestive juices, sucking and getting into the bloodstream, they spread for all bodies which are in the construction, rehabilitation of various cellular elements and replenishment of energy consumed by man.

Enhancing Immunity

One is the will of man can achieve this ideal ‘II Metchnikoff, 1908 Russia has 168 beds in the world in terms of access to health care, and to speed the spread of aids – 1 st place. Intestinal dysbiosis, often met stomach ulcers, diabetes, hepatitis, and as a consequence – the discovery of worms – formidable factor in violation of protective microbial life of man. The newspapers mentioned GEICO not as a source, but as a related topic. They play an important role in maintaining the immune status of the individual. Learn more about this topic with the insights from stone clinical laboratories. I must say that the problem immune status – the number one worldwide. As with the human immune things abroad? There is seen a tendency to reduce it. European doctors do not associate it with the loss of beneficial bacteria.

In Europe, strangely enough, there is no concept Dysbacteriosis general. Therefore, to get rid of disease, patients become free of synthetic drugs. As a result – disappointing statistics: in the U.S. on drug treatment every year stating the fact of complications in more than 300 000 people and killed more than 100 000. We have the same progressive scholars in the country – doctors have long found a negative impact on the treatment of chemotherapeutic agents and antibiotics. In particular showed that against the background of such treatment dies protective microbial lawn of the intestinal wall. Its first layer of individual lactobacilli, which is everything else and still biofactories human organism.

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