Technique To Strengthen The Chest

Pump up the pecs: Bottom of the breast / Formative exercise / Seals and clearly identifies low breast Technique Lower back benches at 30-45 degrees below the horizontal. Lie on a bench and uprites leg raises in the platen. Head, shoulders and buttocks are pressed to the bench, back straight (do not bend at the waist, and vice versa – is not round up the back). Grasp the barbell grip just below the shoulders.

Remove the neck, with a focus and squeeze it up. Hands straight. This is the starting position. Inhale and hold your breath, slowly lower the bar to the bottom of the breast. Elbows all the time looking to the side.

Hardly rod touches the chest, immediately change the direction of bars and squeeze it up to the starting position. Having overcome the most difficult part of the lift, exhale. Each repetition (Lowering and lifting rod) holds a continuous and smooth motion, without stopping. Returning to the starting position, pause briefly and then do the next repetition. Tips Do not use excessively heavy barbell. It can force you to pause at the bottom point, and this creates the risk that the focus will shift to the load on the triceps muscles of the chest. Powerful exhale after passing the most difficult stretch of track during the bench press (lifting) rods – a key moment of proper breathing. Exhaling, you thereby reduces blood pressure in the head region, which is high enough for this exercise (this is due to breath holding and the fact that the head is below the pelvis).

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