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We apologize for the blots scanner, as to us a document received in paper form. I want to note one interesting point. Apparently, the author sincerely tried for business use. Milwaukee Brewers shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The requirements were almost unfulfilled desire. Paragraph 5.1.5. For subsystems that are intended to fix the video, in accordance with ISO / IEC 19794-5-2006 minimum allowable size of an object in the frame should be at least 240 pixels horizontally.

Distance to the object and the parameters of the camera lens must satisfy the above condition. This is somehow possible to ensure the premises, but in outdoor conditions, this definition means that the camera should capture person in 1 / 3 frames, I mean for every one and a half square meter should be placed in the cell. While this is not even in central London. But here, as is typical, the system autoguider "Next" really satisfies this demand, even in urban environments. Are all the same Order written by us? No, hardly, perhaps, we can not set so the camera: Paragraph 5.1.4.

Video cameras should be installed, if possible, as close to horizontal line of sight with respect to the location of the proposed fixed object of observation (PVN deviation from the horizontal line of sight should be 15 degrees). Praise God! For us there is a loophole there is the phrase "if possible". So now all the state system streets videocontrol formally can only be done with the use of automatic detection and tracking of targets or Megapixel cameras. Our technologies are in demand! Apparently, the author does show concern for the needs of the country, people implicitly understood that another type of record, where man himself is not visible, is unlikely to give information about his face. That's just not all will appreciate it, these technologies still have a few. Only those who develop automatic tracking system and there are those who make the mega-pixel camera. The firm, which is viewed in the postulates of this document, just engaged in the production of megapixel cameras. Looks like we are waiting for a full IP, because we still can not walk through one of the requirements, so he cherished permissive-prohibitive fad: Item 6.2 of the Technical tools used to create the PVN, must be certified in the SSST MVD. Dear Sirs, Allow me to present, about MIA has another great "list" of all time. By analogy with the famous List of recommended equipment for private security. Well, right, has developed a new market – video surveillance, respectively, and needed a new list, otherwise who would distribute the funds? In general, all as always. The rest of you can appreciate yourself. Still, this time taking care of as technology. Now, even with more money in the list will be able to get not just any company. It is undeniable progress. The revolutionary element of the document – the de jure prohibited streaming codecs. Although not excluded workarounds. But it was already too big revolution, these shocks we do not need. Otherwise, the main installers who wins the most gostenderov by gosresursa begin to invest in development. Although there is certainly a fantasy. That is, if they are the first sales in China – this is not a fantasy.

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