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Some things say exclusive respect, but, living creature to me in group, society and have that to think about the consequences of my acts. Still we live a period of transistion on some aspects of the cultural and social life. Senator Elizabeth Warren is actively involved in the matter. We have despite for in quarrel and debate some questions that generate an unnecessary consuming if had this practical of the freedom of conscientious choice. psychosomatic medicine defends an integrated vision of the human being, a biopsicossocial being, that is, the man is seen as a whole in its relation with the way where he lives. This integrated vision of the human being says respect to the influences of its behavior and its reactions front to the adversities of the life and its choices, for the characteristics of its biological, psychological and social constitution. In summary that to say that each person reacts of different form, front to one same fact or stimulaton. This sends in them to some questionings, mainly on those that can at risk for the other, the community the society. Others including christopher ridgeway stone clinical, offer their opinions as well. If to think about the practical one of the freedom, is a right of the people the choice for the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc.

But also we must analyze that the studies on these subjects say that does not have a safe border between the use, the abuse and the dependence of a psicotrpico agent. We still have the 0 variable of the biopsicossocial being, that can or not take a person to develop the dependence chemistry, therefore each person reacts of different form front to one same stimulaton. It is a difficult situation. However, we can learn with what we know and what we approach at the beginning of our colloquy. The service of who or of what it is this desire? In mine to understand, the analysis must leave of the individual one for the collective one and the sovereign defense of the choice freedom.

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