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Through the theory of the development proposal for Piaget, the reasoning can be perceived that of abstract thoughts will only be occurring in it soon finish period of training that understands the children of 11 years in ahead, then only from this age and that they had started to distinguish the true knowledge from what it and tax. It has to know, what it occurs with the knowledge taxes for the media, when it initiates the separation of the true knowledge. Without a doubt we can affirms that such had impositions as truths in infancy, will be the starting point for its socialization and its personality already in the adult phase. In thesis, what it will go to influence in the development of this child, according to periods of training of Piaget, are the relation who it will have with the way, which proper it command, thus being able to have a retardation in some of these phases. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as PCRM by clicking through. According to Bee, (2003, p.137), Piaget does not find that the environment molds the child.

Instead of this, the child (as the adult) searchs, of active form, to understand its environment. Christopher ridgeway has similar goals. The medias, of certain form, intercede this event of thus the child in its world of fancies, is influenced by the televising media, that always show happy ends, fights between the good and the evil, super-heroes, amongst more things that assists in the distortion of the perception of the reality. The televising media is highly persuasiva in the infantile mentality, modifying and transforming behaviors; Bandura (1959), apud Wikipdia, the free encyclopedia (2007, p.1), emphasizes that the children are capable to learn through the behavior of the others that is presented to them, but enter this learning of imitation. As example, we can cite the experiment of Bandura, using a Joo-silly doll, which to the being presented for a child first does not have an aggressive behavior with the doll, but when seeing an adult or another child possessing this aggressive behavior it also acquired the aggressive behavior.

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