The Patient

He is significant to stand out that the UTIs had in such a way appeared of the necessities of improvement how much of the concentration of human resources and substances having as purpose to take care of to the patients in serious state, but recoverable. In this context Bettinelli and Erdmann (4, P. 33) they conceive that: This environment will have to provide conditions of comment, care and continued medical assistance. Considering an ideal place for installment of cares to the acute patients, with disfunes of organism and that they can be benefited of this technological and human environment for the recovery of the health, at the same time it can be seen and be interpreted as estressante, cold, aggressive, highly traumatizante for the patient and the familiar ones. However a little less do not exist conditions in the hospitals for the attendance of serious patients in the surrounding units of internment ‘ ‘ agressivos’ ‘ for the patient and its family. Therefore, the UTIs without a doubt none is units highly specialized that not only make use of qualified and enabled professionals in taking care of and providing to the patient an attendance that it the same makes possible to recover. It can be said that the technological advance in the UTI, was and continues being basic to assist in the recovery of the patient.

Thus, one understands because Bettinelli and Erdmann (4, P. 33) conceive that: ‘ ‘ The highly technological structure of the units of intensive therapy in very favors the maintenance of the vital functions and the physiological balance for the supervened maintenance and of pacientes’ ‘.

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