The premature death

The premature death of his father, a schoolteacher home Aragones, Juan Isidro Garcia, led him to join the very young Claretians Parent Seminar, which was in the novitiate Cervera during 1916-17. In the Catalan city study philosophy and theology (1917-23), ordered to Claretian priest (1925) after two years of studies and Moral Law in Solsona. Its success academicos decide its commitment to education and teaching, it is sent to Central universities to complete their theological training, philosophical and scientific. In Leuven take contact with the renewal of Thomistic philosophy, which had been formed. In this period will put the foundations of the scientific studies at universities such as Munich, Zurich, Paris, and so on.
The thirties will be a gradual separation of the clergy their studies, a process exacerbated by the civil war and exile. He graduated in philosophy at the University of Barcelona in 1934, doctoral student a year later to test the thesis on the genetic structure of the logical-physical sciences. Member of the Vienna Circle (1934-6) taught mathematical logic and philosophy of science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona between 1933 and 1937. In February 1936, won the chair of Introduction to Philosophy at the University of Santiago de Compostela, but not to hold a hastily leaving England with the start of the Civil War. Highly critical of the uprising Franco remained in Paris during the hostilities, Parisians years of dedication to logic, to go into exile, completed the race in Ecuador (1939-42), Mexico D. F. (1942), and finally Venezuela, whose nationality acquired and where fixed residence.
In 1946, he moved to Caracas where he fixed his residence and starting a successful career in the newly founded Philosophical Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, now Faculty of Humanities and Education, Central University of Venezuela, remaining active until 1971. Pursued in parallel teaching in the Pedagogical Institute in Caracas (1947-1962). In 1952 he won the Venezuelan nationality. His work at the Central University of Venezuela was very active, became dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education (1959-1960) and founding director of the Institute of Philosophy. His work as an educator and philosopher was the subject of countless honors.
When the dictator died return to Spain on several occasions, the first since the summer of 1977. Received the Grand Cross of the Order of Isabel la Catolica in 1982, the Silver Medal of the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in 1984, the Tribute Act of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University as a professor in 1985 and the first doctor of the same, the investiture as Doctor Honoris Causa from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1985, appointment as a member of the Advisory Council of the Institute of Philosophy of the CSIC in Madrid in 1990, the delivery of the Gold Medal from the Government of Navarra (1990).
Introduction to his treatise logistics applications amb ia a philosophy was considered by them matematiques Munoz Delgado, despite having been recently quoted (Bochenski, Ch Serrus, Leblanc-Ferrater) as a global event. Dealing with competition issues as the probability, the indefinite non-classical logic, the axiomatic method and the foundations of mathematics. A. Trendall said his introduction to logic was used as a modern textbook in M nster and used by professors as Scholz and Greenwood.
It was a great populariser of philosophy: create numerous introductions, forewords, and rexsenas anthologies of classic and modern authors and composed many works of this genre. As the translator Presocraticos and discharged into the complete works of Plato, and gave loose translations of works of Aristotle, Xenophon, Thucydides, and Euclid and between modern Plotinus Kant, Hegel, Marx, Heidegger and philosophers Scholastica.

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Minneapolis, Seattle, Washington, St. Paul and San Francisco are the largest and most popular cities in the United States, a new survey shows, but it seems lagging literacy program worldwide.
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Did you write to us “Look for your letter to Obama here …
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Again, book worm in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest have beaten Yankee species from reaching the top of the investigators a list of the most literate American cities.
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Manila, Philippines – Governments around the world, including the Philippines, rob his children basic skills of literacy and numeracy because they have failed to inequality in education.
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