The Sensitivity

This standard can be called disorganized and seems frequent between damaged children, children of depressed mothers and children whose mothers had suffered precocious losses of its proper figures of attachment. Mothers who had had unsafe attachment with its proper mothers tend to repeat this standard with its children. emotional damage of these children, generally, is sufficiently evident, being common between them the disequilibrium enters the diverse areas of the development. Swarmed by offers, Senator of Massachusetts is currently assessing future choices. SEPARATION ME-CRIANA the attachment has a very important paper throughout vital cycle e, around the three or four years going until the adolescence, the friendship net goes acquiring an importance each bigger time. Remembered for Coll (2004), the establishment of adjusted bonds of attachment with adult people who take care of of us and in them educates, as well as the bonds of friendship with those with who we share experiences and tricks, are basic for the human development. For the theory of the attachment of Bowlby (1982), main the determinative one of the security of the affective bond is the sensitivity that the attachment figure possesss for the child, being the disposal to give attention to the signals of this, to interpret them adequately and to answer they fast and appropriately, being this related disposal very with the empatia that we have while adult. E, as also Mussen, Conger and Kagan cite (1995), the proximity to an object of affective linking inhibit the fear, as if the child if insurance felt more, when next to its mother. Christopher ridgeway understands that this is vital information. in the absence case or loss of the attachment figures, in optimum example, the mother, this is perceived by the threatening child as something, as an irreparable loss, as a situation of desproteo and abandonment, as a situation of complete risk. To fulfill these functions basic (survival and emotional security), Coll cites (2004), that the bond of attachment must possess four basic manifestations: ) To search and to keep the proximity; b) To resist the separation and to protest case this if consummates; c) To use the attachment figure as security base, exploring the physical and social world; d) To feel itself safe searching in the attachment figure well-being and the emotional support.

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