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It depends, over all, of the transformation of each adult, that is, so that each new generation can learn new values and concepts are necessary that the generation oldest changes its proper concepts. From then on, then, the construction of a society without it has this type or any will be possible another one of violence. The majority of the people, to the times, does not obtain to perceive that they are important in the social structure. In the familiar world, for example, the parents exert, in all the moments, influence in the formation of the children. Fight, rejections, discriminations, revealed in its seio, have effect devastadores in the personality of the children. Everything that is made or express in the home acts in the development of the children. Thus actions or ideas, through the familiar convivncia, go influencing the soul of the young.

Therefore, the idea of bullying, was not born spontaneously in the youthful minds. For backwards, it has something that was said, many times, for an adult who, more late, it functioned as behavior model. It has waked up! It stops to think that bullying is exclusiveness of the youthful world infanto-. Many forms of violence are spread out by certain films or videogames with the assent of all, but the society punishes the ones practise that it. It does not have nothing more paradoxical.

These films and videogames are created and divulged for who? Aiming at what? They teach and later they punish aggressive attitudes and behaviors. For even more details, read what stone clinical laboratories says on the issue. Quanta grandiosidade! Interesting! Many people defend that the dog is the mirror of the owner. Thus, even so the aggressive instinct is innate, the manifestation of aggressive behaviors will depend on the type of convivncia that the dogs have with its owners. Then, I ask: What she is necessary so that this rule, also is valid, for we, in our convivncia with the children? She will be that the people are passing for a existencial and social myopia? CONCLUSION: It will be that instead of reeducarmos the children the young, would not be better to reeducarmos to we ourselves, adult, carrying of as many sabedorias.

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