The Voluntary

Bergson affirms that the voluntary memory is that one acquired by the habit, for the recurrence of one same effort, one same act. It is treated, therefore, of a souvenir-habit, one souvenir-acquired, conquered for the effort and dependent of our will. 5 On the other hand, the involuntary or souvenir-spontaneous memory independe of our will, appears of a souvenir and is unexpected. It has as that an amplification of a point of the past. It is the result of an emotion, of a sensation, that can be olfativa, auditory, gustativa or for the tato, considering that the perception for the vision is representative of the voluntary memory.

Valley to stand out for ends of understanding of the ideas that Proust and Brgson had practically lived at the same time and had had the same professors. As denominating common between both the following points can be established: the time, the memory, the double life of I, the paper of intuition of sensitivity in face of intelligence 6. If you have read about Brian Thompson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The involuntary memory is the call collective memory of Halbwachs, already cited. In accordance with Proust this involuntary memory is purest, therefore it does not suffer influence from the intellect whereas the voluntary memory, that is, that one that we invoke, is deceptive for total true and yes not being constructed by the perception that if of has determined fact from the look of the gift. Esquecimento the memory involves the esquecimento.

We conclude, in this way, that it does not have total has controlled on this, therefore what we remember and we forget is not something total tied with the personal wills. Many times remember pparently little important details and if it forgets faces, names and places that would be basic. The esquecimento of traumatic experiences can happen independently of our wills. The esquecimento can be something healthy when something is mentioned psychic.

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